The Gleg’ren

The Gleg’ren are an underwater society of semi-human/semi-fish people with blue-green skin, large, black eyes, scaly bodies, and webbed hands and feet.  The most commonly encountered members of the race are the scouts. The scouts serve the society as the hunters and warriors. They are quite adept at survival on the ocean floor and can wield the crossbow and trident effectively. When hunting, gleg’ren scouts will set snares with their fishing nets or fire tethered crossbow bolts.

The gleg’ren have a complex hierarchical society with clerics at the top, wizards in the middle, and scouts and other workers at the bottom. Nearly all gleg’ren wizards are sorcerers. Over the centuries, gleg’ren have developed many spells on their own which are unfamiliar to surface mages.

As amphibians, gleg’ren can function underwater or above it, but they greatly prefer to stay away from the surface. In fact, gleg’ren are very isolationist, preferring not to come in contact with land dwellers. Usually, when a gleg’ren is sighted, fishermen or sailors capture the freaky fish man and abuse the gleg’ren in some way.  Consequently, gleg’ren tend to treat surface dwellers with hostility upon sight. Aquarel alvar, the sea elves, however, tend to have decent relations with the gleg’ren.

Gleg’ren live in underwater cities replete with fine works of sculptured coral.  Gleg’ren love elven silver since it does not tarnish in salt water.  These treasures would fetch a fortune on the surface.

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