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The Library of Doom

Greetings and Welcome to the Library of Doom! 

I am Erestofanes, Chief Librarian of Doom!  

The Library of Doom is perhaps the most famous “active” library in in the multiverse.  I use the word active in quotes because for the last four thousand plus years we have been effectively closed to the public following the demise of Lord Orcus.  That being said, while not open to the public, we did manage several trips to various Planes of Orc and have continued to make acquisitions over the time period.  (Including several items from various versions of the Library of Alexandria on the Earths)..

We expect to have many of our old clientele, include the Djinn returning to us as we restore public operations with the reopening of Mount Doom.  If you wish to acquire a research visa, I would suggest signing up early.  We only allow so many outside visitors at a time, and historically the waiting list was several centuries long.

I provide some ‘teaser’ excerpts from some of our works here for your perusal.

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