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    Tried to go through and clean up some outstanding issues.

    But I am sure I have missed some. Please remind me of issues that you or others have brought up that I have not addressed and that need to be addressed.

    Here are a few things I am purposefully not resolving.

    1) I am going to punch through with Dis Pater for Rupert
    2) Orcus was a member of the Courts of Chaos and also a rival to them, so leaving that, but maybe I need to be a bit more clear about this in this book?
    3) I have dealt a little with the problems for Unlife going to the Abyss, it’s going to be dealt with explicitly in the next book as they reemerge, just think “Puking Zombies” which is actually something that many video game zombies do. In particular, in City of Heroes.
    5) I’ve put Tamarin in as discussed, still need to wedge a mention of Vaselle in, however, not obvious where.

    I have not dealt with Lenamare and the Oorstemothians, they are still at Freehold and this, I think will be dealt with in the next book, unless I should deal with it now.

    At the moment I have Jenn’s putting together Tom + Edwyrd for the next book. I will deal with it in Book IV, either by starting before the end of book III or by just delaying it. I am thinking it would be too distracting in the lead up to the battle. However, I am open to hearing counter arguments.

    I know I need to clean up the Unlife/Undead table to a real appendix. Now the question is? Should it be a treatise style or more of a reference style?

    How is the first half of the book for tension/action. Do I need to pep things up sooner? If so, ideas?

    How are we with the HALO’s (given adjustments I have noted) is it too much of a info dump? Should I make it more vague? Should I move it to an appendix?

    So what else?


    I would like to see a little more on the inferno.

    The last time that we saw them, Melissance was boarding with Salvatore. They have made some kind of agreement about her helping them.

    How is she going to help? Aside from functioning as a mouth-piece for Lilith, I don’t see what good she can do (at least not from their perspective)#-o .

    Where is the Inferno heading now? Is there any way we could get some idea of where they are going and why? The Inferno and co are currently a completely loose thread flapping in the wind. There is no clear indication of where they will be heading or why.

    Is there any way you could develop the Oorstemoothians reasons for going into the abyss? I understand why the rod is there but I am still not clear on why the Oorstemoothians decided to join up. I sometimes have trouble tracking who knows what in the DoA series but as far as I can remember, the Oorstemoothians don’t have much to go on (that I know of).


    Good points.

    They are, frankly, rather besotted by her and her husband. They (the humans, not Samwell) are blinded and beguiled by the charisma of the two.

    I think the rationale for Oorstemoth does need more work. Need to come up with and have it discussed. Think Samwell querying Dante or Heron is the mechanism.

    The loose end part is a bit of a problem because their story needs Talarius to be available and he’s been busy.

    This is part of my old dilemma about the time it takes to setup the siege and what everyone else was doing in the mean time.

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