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    I forgot something. My second reason is top secret, demonic things y’know. Now, you may know that it’s secret, however, you don’t know what it is. [color=red][size=9]MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size][/color]


    Page 391: “Get a good luck at our guests?”
    Page 393: “It is too similar to some of own introductory texts and we should …”

    I downloaded the book rather recently so I assume these typos haven’t been fixed.

    @AuthorGuy, your book is awesome. Read through it twice (so far). I swear each time I figured out new things. Right now I have serious paranoia about Tizzy. I am convinced he is a demon of much greater power in disguise at this point. Still working on pulling data from the book to support my theory. At the moment most of the things I find support both cases of Tizzy being nuts or him being a seriously powerful player/observer.

    Also, consider this an audition for beta reader. I am fully willing to take uncompleted works and help you ferret out typos/inconsistencies. :d/


    Why do people keep saying I’m crazy or insane?

    You know I have feelings right? Jenn and Gastrope seem to be the worst culprits, but now you!

    I can assure you, I am not crazy or insane!

    I think my case is proven by the fact that I am able to magically turn my thoughts into text words on a computer network in an extremely distant plane without the use of a computer, mirror or anything else. And that by doing so I can communicate with “people” that no one in Astlan knows exists, believes exists, nor can they see, touch of feel.

    Could an insane person do all that?

    I think not.


    I didn’t say you were insane. I said the opposite. I said I am starting to believe you are more powerful than you let on and pretend to be not right in the head to trick people otherwise.

    This book makes one paranoid really quickly.


    See, now you know how the characters feel.

    But if I were paranoid, everyone would say I was insane! Everyone else being paranoid is just playing it safe/hedging their bets.

    It’s really hard to catch a break.

    What if I am incredibly powerful, and all that power drove me insane, you know, like what happened to my friend Smeagol? And now, being insane, I don’t remember that I am powerful nor how to use my power to crush my enemies!

    Drat. That would be depressing….


    Additional typos

    Damien shifted on the couch . “At any point did you get a good luck at our guests?”
    Langland, J. (2014-03-29). Into The Abyss (Demons of Astlan) (p. 392). Council of Wizardry. Kindle Edition.

    look instead of luck

    Should actually be present in Freehold in the event someone else tries to get the book?”
    Langland, J. (2014-03-29). Into The Abyss (Demons of Astlan) (p. 403). Council of Wizardry. Kindle Edition.

    missing word between Should and actually

    Ramses had changed from his previous pharaoh-ware to a completely different uniform.
    Langland, J. (2014-03-29). Into The Abyss (Demons of Astlan) (p. 403). Council of Wizardry. Kindle Edition.

    Should pharaoh-ware should be pharoah-wear, e.g., as in summer-wear?

    I had some others, but blasted sync between Kindle & desktop failed and I lost my old highlight of errors.


    The first one was one of the two I found. Didn’t see the other two though!



    Thanks, this is great. I’m collecting typos for a new update.

    I don’t like to do lots of little ones because not sure how well they roll out to ereaders. Or how often people update their copies (if not automatic–it seems to depend on the kindle or kiindle app) So fewer bigger ones seem like the best shot.

    I fear there still be a big one out there with a clearing instead of clearly. And I know there are some who’s that should be whose…


    Do you still need proof readers for the next novel?


    He will, and beta readers for content/consistency etc. He’s just not there yet. What a lazy slowpoke.


    I know this is 9 months later than the post, however, I’m new. So what can I say?
    One post said pharaoh was spelled pharoah. It is actually Pharaoh.
    Not sure if that was corrected… probably was.
    I’d would also like to be a beta reader, for two main reasons. I have not done it before, but would like to do it and I think I would be good at it for small technical things, such as (incorrect grammar) , and (correct grammar) , … or ()
    … and. Tizzy/T-A-G, you can forward this to the thread I’ve been using recently.

    o:)o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:)

    p.s. I, myself am a really powerful demon (e.g. three-hundred and twenty-ninth order demon {about forty-seven time more powerful than the concordenax).

    I can also check your maths, as quite a few numbers didn’t work, especially in the [color=red]hierarchy of the Abyss [/color] glossary thing!!

    o:) o:)o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:) o:)


    In the forum, I am not making spelling mistakes, because, since I am in the Abyss, I don’t have a keyboard or Internet connection, so my posts are just direct mental projections of my thoughts into your head.

    Thus if you see a spelling mistake in a post, it is only in your head, you just ‘think’ I made a spelling mistake.

    What was the math error? Did it not add up? At one time it did, but maybe it got mistranscribed?

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