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    Did someone says astrophysics survey?


    Excellent point, at a bare minimum this has to be discussed at the beginning.

    Gut is that they have done some testing in secret, but it’s still a true maiden voyage to the Abyss, or any non-material plane.

    Being Oorstemoth, they would have gone through lots and lots of drills/tests and checklists.


    The Inferno has been a hanger queen for 20 years as it was being built…..

    The Oorstemothians being Osrstemothians….wouldn’t it have need to go through “air trials” (similar to sea trials for ships) before being taken out on a mission…..

    Considering that no one knew that it would be needed to go to the Abyss – first scene in bk3 is only DOA + 4

    so, from a timeline point of view – wouldn’t they need more time to prep the ship and do at least some trials or if they needed to take it out in a hurry, I would be expecting there to be some glitches occurring as they are ironing out the bugs during bk3

    The Inferno is v1.0 – so I would be expecting there to be bugs / issues occurring, considering they are taking into an environment that none of the designers / builders have ever been too….only read about – and we all know what user requirements are like when defining what they think they need as opposed to what they actually require to work

    EDIT: For some reason the Inferno remind me of the sub that was converted into a space ship in the book Vorpal Blade – Looking Glass, Book 2 by John Ringo & Travis Taylor – there were a lot of issues for the crew taking the ship into space – things the builders / designer had not thought about


    [quote=Burien;5723]Did someone says astrophysics survey?[/quote]

    Can’t find it in the search of the page…

    Although we were talking about physics, relativity, quantum string theory and such on the Amazon book 3 forum.

    OH wait, took me a moment to understand the question: are you saying that they should have been doing some dimensional surveying etc to develop a navigation and coordination system.

    Yes. Definitely, I’m going to assume they’ve got lots of books on it and have been building the navigational system. One would certainly hoped they would have tested that stuff, and run some verification on it.


    Actually it was a joke based on the books GameGraphix mentioned, Looking Glass series by John Ringo, scheduling an astrophysics survey was basically taunting murphy’s law. Chaos and hilarity usually ensued, everything from random changes in the orientation of artificial gravity to tasting the color yellow.


    [quote=Burien;5723]Did someone says astrophysics survey? [/quote]

    I had forgotten that…been several years since I read the series….just picked it up again to re-read…

    Although I do remember the Captain blasting music through the hull to throw off the sonar of all the other subs from other countries in the area when transitioning from sea to air…..


    Spectre’s anthem, Final Countdown by Europe. Ringo’s books are always full of insane little moments like that.


    I don’t know how the Final Countdown got me here, but somehow, I now really want to put Hilda and crew in a situation where they are forced to build a “Stairway to Heaven.”

    Of course, that would be nothing compared to them building a “Stairway to Gilligan’s Island”


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