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    Some more thoughts to throw out there about Djinn involvement…

    Crispin won’t be able to be contacted because he is in the wards at Freehold…and as far as I’m aware he is the only one that can attack Exador directly – because he was attacked in bk2 (unless he was outside the wards for some reason – could be an interesting way for Freehold to eventually find out about the battle at the Citadel)

    The other Djinn can turn up, but there are prohibited from attacking anyone unless attacked first unprovoked…..I would assume this includes the Storm Lords, but would this include the dead??? like zombies???

    This would put some interesting constraints on how the Djinn could help in the battle – they could sabotage siege weapons, etc

    They would have to come in via Tamarin’s link to Tom who is then linked to the Isle of Doom / Mount Doom – which may require some time and / or meditative state on Tamarin’s / Tom’s side


    Are the Djinn going to get involved in the big fight at the Citadel???

    Just re-reading Chapter 120 – where Tamarin is explaining how if a Djinn finds Exador – they will report him and work towards punishment…

    If Tamarin is with Tom in the battle and they find out that Exador is on the Storm Lords side in the battle – will the Djinn become involved?????


    Oh, that’s a very interesting point that I had not considered.

    It would make sense for Tamarin to be there, however, I am wondering if the interdiction might be a problem for her. Although Crispin is fine inside Freehold, he just can’t leave the plane. She should probably be OK, might not have all her powers.

    However, at the moment, Tom doesn’t know that Exador is involved.

    Let me think if there is something that can be pulled in/or how it should be handled.

    BTW: All your technical editing posts, I am looking at but not “fixing” or commenting on until after Beta1.

    Once that is released, I will immediately go through all of that so it’s done before going to editor.

    However, I am going to post to the thread so I can find them again. I look for my name in the hot topics list to know if I’m up to date on a topic.
    Doesn’t always work if there is lots of posting in the topic and I post something and someone else posts while I’m writing, I often miss until I come back and reread the topic.


    Since the new version of the interdiction is based off of Lenamere’s wards, would someone who has been in them recognize his influence. I assume that is where Exador learned how they work, from being subjected to them. I know Tom might not have the experience to recognize a specific mages spells, but i would think Hilda might, and I cant see Beragamos not. Would Ruiden recognize either the wards or somehow sense Exador since he recently fought him, and how often do you see a meteor swarm thrown around.

    Oh, has Ruiden been glowing non-stop since book 2 or what?


    Interesting point on the glowing nonstop, in the Abyss, probably, although I assume he can de-glow if he wants, but he’d still be getting a spidey tingle.

    Hilda and Beragamos did remark on the similarities to Lenamare’s as well as the differences.

    However, there would be no logical reason, at this point, to put 2 and 2 together.


    Actually, no, they can attack Exador, or those aiding him.

    Now, could they attack the Storm Lords? Exador is aiding them, not the other way around.

    This would require deliberation and approval.

    But, if they wanted to try and take out Exador directly. They could, if the SL then attacked a djinni, that SL or group of, that would be unprovoked and spawn back on that SL and/or group.

    However, interestingly, I suspect the SL’s would know this and not seek to defend Exador by attacking any djinn.


    Yeah that was the whole point of the djinn wanting an anchor (Tom) in the abyss.

    I believe in bk2 the quote was “attack on is an attack on all”

    Something like that at least.


    It would be interesting to get Crispin into the fight, but the only way I could see that happening would be to…

    [list][*]Tom contacts Vaselle telephathically at Mount Doom, once they find out that Exador is in the fight
    [*]Vaselle takes his portal to just outside Freehold
    [*]Vaselle goes into Freehold (through the wards) finds Crispin and Ranolf to inform them that Exador has been found
    [*]Vaselle would need to give Ranolf a cooling charm (I’m assuming that Ranolf would have to accompany Crispin through portals / planes as Crispin’s anchor)
    [*]Vaselle takes Ranolf and Crispin back through the portal to Mount Doom
    [*]Through the portal from Mount Doom to the Isle of Doom on Nysegard
    [*]Through the runic gateway from the Isle of Doom to the Citadel[/list]

    A lot of steps….and requires a lot of trust on Ranolf side and on Tom’s side

    But it would also get Vaselle into the big fight as well – too some extent without the high probability of getting killed

    Also, this is a task that only Vaselle could do… one else could (considering that Tom is in the fight)

    Might also be a good time for Ranolf to do a test run on his demon trap – which either fails or Exador escapes, or not


    The liches aren’t just famous rappers like


    but actually a very formidable opposing force, even if their foot soldiers are crunchy.


    [quote=GameGraphix;5461]It would be interesting to get Crispin into the fight, but the only way I could see that happening would be to…[/quote]

    Yes, but let’s remember we have several more big fights to come, including, if Exador gets his way, one at Freehold

    We don’t have to get everyone in every fight.

    See my update on beta 1 coming shortly.


    [quote=Mikey;5462]The liches aren’t just famous rappers like[/quote]

    Interestingly enough, for reasons that I won’t say, because I don’t want to get your hopes up for no immediate payback.

    I was rereading up on Loki today, and he was famous as a flyter, and flyting.

    flyting is a northern European tradition (Nordic, Gaelic/Celtic, etc) tradition/ritual of trading insults in verse between the 5th and 16th Centuries. Think Shakespearean verbal combat.

    Basically a rap battle, or battlerap.

    I know, of course that there are African traditions of this as well, which are the official origin of rap battles, but I find it quite interesting.


    [quote=The Author Guy;5467]Basically a rap battle, or battlerap.[/quote]



    Very interesting story/example with the Kalevalah.

    I think the guys in suits would have been better in medieval garb rather than suits. That one guy’s beard was positively viking.

    I loved the choir, and I think everyone, speaking every language (at least in the industrialize world) can agree on the song. In particular the over abundance of java programming jobs.

    —warning-off-topic rant below—

    I am just not a huge java fan, I love the theory of it, I love so much of what it introduced, but I was just too burned early on by horrible performance and its inability to talk with non-java things. And what I considered a crappy visual interface. Now all of this has been fixed, but it was eaten by the forces of evil, a couple times over so…

    On the other hand, I’ll still take it over C++ any day, I am in the camp that believes that the original C++ specification was a joke and that no one was ever supposed to actually use it. I mean, I did use it, I built a lot of stuff in Borland C++ well before VC++ existed but once I found Delphi 1.0 I said good bye to C++ and haven’t looked back unless forced to. Of course, I only use that for fun today, since very few people in the US use Delphi.

    I was surprised to find is written in Delphi. And it is a new, modern program. It’s a great SFTP/FTP/FTPS server. My first clue that it was delphi was it’s crappy help file. Delphi programmers never seem to have time to write documentation.


    [quote=The Author Guy;5470]Very interesting story/example with the Kalevalah.[/quote]

    The concept you mentioned earlier sounded promising, and I wanted to pour in some input through the miracle of YouTube, so it can all slosh around for a while before settling.

    I’ll add a trailer for a documentary about [url=]Finland’s 2015 entrant into the Eurovision song contest[/url]:

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