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    The other Sidhe are more “monster manualish” so need to be “cleaned up”

    No one ever tried to play a “Ban Sidhe” character so there’s not a lot written about their culture.

    Of course, now that Teen Wolf has gone there (a while back even) and actually has a banshee, I suppose if the game were to be published, we’d have to write up a culture for them….

    One big problem I have is that there is a big cross-cultural assimilation of “Earth” mythology all piling up in Astlan like a melting pot (or a refugee camp).

    From the book’s perspective, there is a very good reason for this which will be come more clear in II and III. But the problem is, integrating it all and describing it all is a huge task….so some of will be on an “as needed” for the story basis.


    Elves seem to be missing.

    The “Heartheans” entry suggest that they are in the Body Politic.
    [quote]As one might expect, this nomenclature does not work well when trying to distinguish people of other races, such as “humans,” thus after much debate, and years of name calling, the term hearthean was finally, grudgingly agreed to (mainly among humans and elves).[/quote]


    Elves missing?


    Elves are called the Alvar. They are in fact the only sidhe mentioned in detail. No idea about the heathians though.


    Ups, thanks.
    Found em.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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