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    Eh, didn’t you establish that under the current control scheme the doomalogues do not power Mt Doom?


    Who rule the Damned and is there even the damned


    So in the first book Talarius is just finishing up fighting and dispatching of zombies that have affected a town. And in this he knows that they will not be accepted into Tiernons Heaven but they might be spared damnantion.
    So what is Hell to the people of Astlan? Is it the Abyss where it is ruled by Demons? Or is there another realm (Hell) that they believe the damned go to?
    If it is the Abyss than Tiernons actions when he gets to the Abyss is off because there is no Damned there and clearly that is another part of the Tiernon doctrine that he will have to come to grips with.
    Or is there another Realm maybe ruled by another “God” that rules over the damned that we just haven’t been introduced yet to?
    The reason for asking is we have brought in other religions into the story that we are some what familiar with but haven’t been introduced to really any “God” that rules an under world or the damned. So just curious if this has been brought up some where or are we yet to learn of this?


    Yes, this is all true.

    Different religions have different after-life’s.

    Some have paradise, and punishment outer planes, some regenerate. It depends a lot on the religion.

    Because so many religions interact, there is often overlap and confusion. Astlanian’s know of the Abyss and the torments that supposedly await those sent there. So many assume (incorrectly) that is where the bad people go.

    Doing spoiler to continue because this topic is in a forum outside of beta and don’t want to provide too much information about Book 3 to people who haven’t read it.

    [SPOILER]And yes, many religions threaten to toss the truly bad people there, but very few do. The reason for this is because if they toss souls that “belong to them” into the Abyss, they no longer have access to them. It’s like throwing them away. So very few gods actually do that.

    Instead they make use of Purgatory and Limbo and other Outer Planes of their own. They typically shelve people in these regions for either punishment or reward for a few decades or centuries before recycling them via reincarnation, and of course when they do this, they want to place the reincarnated souls in places where they can be kept in the religion.

    This is all part of “The God Game” so to speak, maybe that will be a title, that Orcus was against, and why he built Mount Doom so he didn’t need to mana-farm worshipers. [/SPOILER]


    I better do that also, even though I’m not in beta my comments could seem spoiler-ish

    [spoiler]So it’s basically that Orcus developed the Power of Fusion while all the gods are still running on Natural Gas Power plants? or some other kind of lower level power generation system that isn’t as guaranteed as Giant Mana Factory[/spoiler]


    Well, Orcus only has access via his rod. Lose the rod and possible lose access to Mt. Doom’s power. A god can access anywhere except the Abyss (and vice-versa for Orcus).

    God-mana also seems to be of a higher purity or contains more animus mixed in than Doom’s. Doom also has an limit from the impression I get. It pulls only so much fire, water, air, and earth which is then combined with the spirit. Take people out of Doom and the levels drop. Also, there seems to be a hard limit where adding more souls would not increase mana generated unless the elemental energies are also increased. God can just scale based on worshipers.

    Basically I look at Orcus vs. gods like that old graph of warrior vs. mage. A god is weaker due to fewer worshipers starting out (mage), Orcus is stronger at the start (warrior). But at a sufficiently high level (aka # of worshipers) the god route contains more mana. It just depends on where the intersection is.


    That basically sums it up.

    The number of people in Doom, and Doom’s mana pool system sets a limit to how much Doom can generate.

    But, then add in the Doomalogues all linked together and those are often on creature/animus rich worlds.

    So Orcus could scale by adding Doomalogues.

    Worshipers are also a fickle lot. And they start out as babies and they may leave the faith.

    The purity comes from the fact that Doom is generating raw mana from scratch. Gods are harvesting mana from the material plane and it is filter first through people, then priests and then saints/avatars finally into the pool. Think of it as a giant animus filtration system. It’s very processed.

    I think of it as the High Fructose Corn Syrup of mana as opposed to the Raw Cane Sugar from Hawaii (and it’s volcanoes)


    Not per se, what changed back and forth was the control functionality.

    Originally they were all controlled locally, after the whole ME fiasco, they changed to centralized control under Doom. That was the problem, when Doom went down, the other Doomalogues also got shut down. In the previous scheme, they would have kept going and Volund & Phaestus might have been able to eventually restart the main doom. Although without the wand, that might have been tricky.

    The big point was, all the Doomalogues were being controlled by the Wand, and without the wand, they all went down.

    So, in any event, under centralized control, they can route power whereever they need it in the system. Whether they charge Doom or something else or not all is dynamically controlled.

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