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    Just chapters is fine. Scenes in TOC help for beta-reading, but beyond I don’t care.



    So I’m revisiting the TOC question. I think we sort of left the “level” of the TOC to be:

    Paperback: Chapters Only
    Kindle: Chapters+Scene

    However, looking at the last chapters, leaving the scenes in tells the reader in advance a lot about what is coming.

    Is it too much? I had thought it would be helpful in sorting how who said/what when for people that wanted to recheck something earlier, but as it gets particularly in the 140’s it becomes very clear there is going to be a big battle in Nysegard.

    Is this too much information for someone just starting the book? Pre-Nysegard scenes?

    One alternative would be to have chapter only Kindle ToC, but perhaps a scene index appendix at the end? I think I can make that work. Does it add value? I.e. worth the time?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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