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    Odd, I’ve seen it on an iPad w/ the Kindle app and the tables are ~1/3 to 1/2 the width of the screen when vertical.


    I had no issue with it inline. It was very obvious to me. I also skipped most of the date system thesis by selecting the next chapter.


    Yeah, the original formatting was ideal for say an iPad or something with a colorful display and lots of fonts.

    Or for print in black/grey (that allows any font I can upload).

    For anything b&w or with limited fonts it was a disaster. Not doing that again.

    If it’s at the end, their is less reason/need for formatting.

    The idea was to use an antique/arcane font and color to clearly distinguish it from the other text.

    This actually works great on something like and iPad or most any color tablet. Sucks everywhere else.

    Also, in a traditional book, it’s very easy to skip past the stuff when the font is weird, just flip the pages until funky font is gone. Much bigger pain in an ebook which scrolls.

    So next book and if I redo to back of book, this will all be stripped. I did partial stripping for some formats (Smashwords which is very strict)

    Kindle isn’t so strict because some stuff works on some kindle apps and the Fire, but on everything else it pretty much goes nasty.

    If the fonts come back it will be in an iPad specific version that has fonts, graphics and illustrations.

    Not sure when that will be since, quite honestly all the other platforms (iPad, Playstore, Smashwords, BN/Nook, Scribd, Oyster) had absolutely miserable sales compared to Amazon. Mainly because it’s impossible to find on those sites, search is crappy. So I went Kindle/Amazon exclusive for 90 days and will renew. Basically this puts it in the KLL and available at KU for people. And I do get a decent number of people reading through those.


    A lot of people don’t like the inset appendices in the middle of the book (where I think the topic at hand is relevant)

    In the e-Book, online now, should I move these Appendices to the end of the book and place links to the appendix entry or leave them the same?


    I felt that they made a nice break where they were, but I generally had 2 issues with them.

    #1 – Some of them were poorly formatted for an eBook. Basically if it had tables it was junk / hard to read.
    #2 – Some were appropriate where they were, e.g., Classification of Demons, but some were meh infodumps such as Astlanian Calendar.

    Overall, it would suffer less if they were at the end.


    Voted for the end.
    While reading the book, I wanted to read how the story goes on. Some small infoblock where informative to the story, but the longer ones I skipped.

    Additionally I would place an link to the Appendix in the chapter where Tom is reading the magic books. To explain his increased understanding.



    That’s because what you are looking at is the reformatted Kindle version on the iPad. It’s been reformatted and the tables turned to images for the older kindles. i.e. least common denominator.

    The kindle format doesn’t support tables very well. it also depends on your translation software, it basically has to turn tables into “spaced” fake tables using space characters. So for best results they tell you to screen capture it to a jpg or similar and include the table as a picture.

    So you are not seeing the original kindle version in with the appendices were nearly unreadable on the b&w and older kindles.

    I kept downgrading the formatting to get it where it is today.


    I liked them interspersed through the book, it was better way of getting general background then character infodumping. Though I also skipped some of them like the calendar as well

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