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    [quote]Followers of the Demon Sokrats are hunted down and destroyed for licentious and sinful behavior by the Knights of Tiernon.[/quote]
    What? Followers of a Demon?

    [quote]Archdemon Iscariot subverts the majority of themembers of the Council of Magi.Legend holds that each council member and other key members of the government are paid with a medallion made of a silver coin, said to be of a highly magical nature.Thirty such medallions were said to have existed in total.[/quote]
    A special reason, why 30? (Besides the Bible.)

    [quote]Followers of the ArchDemon Anselm [/quote]
    Another one. How widespread are Demon-Cults?


    Ack! Ack!

    I’ve been hacked!

    Someone stole my identity!!!!

    Someone call Multipol (Mutiversal Police)!

    I hear rumors that people will be talking about this horrible identity thief in book iii…..



    Well, there are two sides to the question.

    History is written by the victors. The victors say these “heretics”, “false prophets”, “fake messiahs” where obviously demons trying to corrupt people and lead them astray from the truth (as demons are wont to do).

    The question any objective scholar would ask is: were all these people/beings/historical figures literally demons, or were they labeled so by those seeking to discredit them?

    We now know (or will very quickly in book II if not clear now) that some (two) of those historical figures that were listed as a human (or humans) was actually a single demon. (two demons were multiple humans) So…????

    Now that being said: Book II will shake this question up and down and all around.


    there are two posts in History mentioning wizard tisdale…an obvious hint?

    Diemeron Hunt Master of the Mind Reavers is slain in combat by the [h]Wizard Tisdale[/h].

    The Keeper of Law, Ponchas VII slain in Battle of Keeper’s Green, Oorstemoth. Records are unclear as to who killed the Keeper of Law.Various sources site either Sir Astemon, [h]the Wizard Tisdale[/h], or Vicar General Exador.

    Tizzy!! Is that you??

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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