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    In bk2, Talarius agreed to be bound by the Oaths of Hostage to Tom….during the swearing in of all the D’Orcs.

    My question is, does this include an oath not to try to escape???

    In Alpha 1

    [b]Chapter 127
    Section: Nysegard, Krallnomton[/b]

    When Talarius exits from the Doomalogue, he contemplates escape…

    [quote]He noted a trail leading down from the ledge to thte village below. Should he take it? Or should he head for parts unknown and escape?[/quote]

    Now that Talarius is starting to abide by the oaths he gives to Tom – is thinking for escape out of character because he is contemplating breaking his oath???

    EDIT: Just read further and answered my own question ](*,)


    Yeah, I was thinking about this as well.

    I think in his mental thoughts on leaving, his oath should be a consideration.

    The thing to keep in mind, Talarius behavior and that of many people in the 2 Churches is the result of the negative influence of Excrathadorus Mortis. That’s a big part of the darkness that Tiernon and Torean are trying to discover.

    There are other agents influencing stuff as well, and thinking on this, a lot of what was going on with Sentir Fallon was the influence of Excrathadorus Mortis. He was deeply affected by it, and that explains a lot of the things he’s done/permitted, after killing Orcus.

    The decision to work with Aodh & Lillith etc was a different story since that was before the dagger.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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