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    Actually they do, it’s probably not made that evident though. This sort of thing is only mentioned in passing.

    The Doomalogues are a network of powerstations forming a power grid. So once a local doomalogue gets charged to a certain level it starts contributing to the entire network.

    I am not sure at what level they start contributing, I am sure that is variable and can be controlled by the D’Orcs, I suspect that in the case of Nysegard it will be a little while until it contributes simply because it has to power up all the gateways and eventually, once repaired, the runic wards and protections across the isle of doom.

    If still functional, Astlan, Etterdam, Ithgard, etc should be able to contribute sooner.



    Mount Doom took several days to power up, and once it stabilized the first Doomalogue at the Isle of Doom started to charge which was drawing mana from Mount Doom….from memory it was stated that this Doomalogue was the first in the chain – which implies that the Doomalogues power up in sequence…

    If a Doomalogue takes a couple of days to power up, even if it’s not as long as the time for Mount Doom, and there are 666 Doomalogues in the chain, won’t the power up sequence take a several years to complete?? Does this mean there will be a power drain on Mount Doom for all that time, or is there some type of exponential growth to the power up sequence with the addition of power from each new Doomalogue as it reaches it’s full capacity?


    There is a power up sequence, although it can be overridden.

    The “Doom System” uses excess mana; if Doom needs mana for other things, it halts the charging.

    In principle, it’s completely configurable by the D’Orcs; it’s just that there was a default setting in place.

    It’s implied, but not stated that the rest of the localverse Doomalogues will power first, or similar. Not clear from what is written if this was the sequence or if they’ve altered it to take those first because they have people who can investigate before opening.

    In point of fact this is what they did and I will probably spell that out better.


    It was more or less stated that nysegard powered up first because it was the most energy intensive location. Which brings up the next question the mana is generated via elemental interaction with animus or biomass so to speak. Therefore would it not make sense for Tom to evacuate non combat personell to mount doom where he can control the environment to make sections livable for mortals, thereby increasing mount doom’s total biomass, thereby exponentially increasing it’d mana generation?


    Hmm…thinking on this.

    The reason it is the most mana intensive so to speak is two fold

    1) It uses up a TON of protective magic to keep the huge island safe
    2) Regular attacks and battles with Unlife ensure there are lots of emotions/life/unlife and death. To be honest slaughtering unlife releases a lot of mana that can be collected. Battles particularly when there are wizards (liches) involve both create and release a ton of mana. This is, for example, while sites of great battles are often haunted.

    In short, it’s about the most active battlefield around. It’s great for generating mana. Tons of animus interacting with lightning bolts, fireballs, acid rain, a few earthquake spells, etc.

    So it is both the most needy and the most productive.

    So, yes, in many ways you have a good point, but on the other hand, there are lots of orcs, and almost everyone feels they are a combatant, so trying to protect them, is going to really tick them off.

    But, I do think this is something that Tom would have thought about doing and someone would have asked if he really thought putting people, most of whom are orcs, who had lived in a warzone their entire life, battling for their lives into “protective custody at Mount Doom” was going to be an easy task.


    I think there should be a system where the Volcanos which do start up should also provide mana for the restarting of the other ones, sort of like geometric progression I suppose?

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