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    Yeah, I think I did do that a couple times; however Search no longer finds Herod so I must have fixed them.


    In ITA the orstemothian dialog was written in actual ortemoothian legal-speak. I had to use a dictionary on a number of words but, I think it really defined the ortemoothians in a big way.

    I didn’t see much of that in HH and none in this book. There are a number of places with orstemoothians talking but they are all talking like regular people. I realize that the legal-speak is probably hard to write (it would be for me) but I would hate to see it dropped. In my opinion, it really ‘made’ the Orstemoothians.

    I think this might have come up previously in the forum but I am not sure where.


    For Heron, is what I believe his name was, he is “old school” and tries to be as “terse” as possible. Of course being from orstemoothian that means he drains on a lot rather than forever. I also can’t spell their name.


    A big part of it is the complexity of writing it, to be honest, however, what I decided was that it would not work on a military vessel in battle.

    Thus, all that business on the Inferno about the transfer of power from Dante to Heron and the captain. Also, obviously, Dante is still doing it, but people are tuning him out and actively working to interrupt him before he gets going, or we fade away.

    Also, as mentioned, Heron is old school, which is very legalistic, but much terser. See Heron’s opening scene in Book 1 when he talks about the younger generation and their “court speak” etc.

    And finally, oddly, some people really don’t like it for some reason.

    Anyway, that being said, I really would like to punch it up. If you guys can find locations where you think it would be fitting, let me know.

    In particular, discussions between Dante and Salvatore (Hesselforthalus) would be one such place.


    I like to think that the author is being overly modest and not mentioning the upgrades to his translation spellware. He has gradually increased it’s efficiency in compensating for the excessive alliteration, and thereby reduced the risk of trauma to the language centers of the human(read non-lawyer/politician) brain.

    Fiernon and Wylan had my eyes crossed and head pounding the first time i read their conversation.


    Yeah, those two are probably the worst.

    You note their conspicuous absence on the Inferno? Pretty sure Heron ordered them to stay behind lest he strangle them.


    I noted several times in The Inferno chapters of some one named herod. Typo or are there two different characters with similar names on The Inferno?

    If not ill go through the chapters to report on typos.

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