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    Yeah….they still have to figure out how to extradite him…

    So that’s a bit of a problem.

    The gravity canons were a bit of a bump in the extradition road…



    Yeah, I am sure that is problematic, it would basically require a declaration of war.

    You know, start with unconditional surrender of your empire, turn yourself in for crimes against Oorstemoth or face a brutal, unwinnable (for you) war.



    Speaking of Devil’s advocates…

    Hopefully they allow Tom to hire a lawyer or at least a public defender (even though this might upset the D’Orcs.)

    Maybe Sir Sam could do some pro bono work (or take continued aggravation of Lilith as payment)


    This is another of those questions I meant to put into my earlier post. I am curious to see how the Orstimothian’s try to extradite a head of state, and God like personage.


    What really bugs me is that I just realized that Oorstemoth is probably the best place to live for normal people in Astlan. Sure, the freedom of mana users is limited, but I bet that there is a proper licensing procedure for any magically act or experiment you could want to try. And if your just citizen A minding your own business and some random wizard or demon kills you, you can rest assured that your military will pursue them through the depths of hell to hey justice for you. All of your rights and duties as a citizen are explicitly listed out, and you have a higher standard of living then peasants in other kingdoms.
    The orcs have a good reason to hate lawyers and Oorstemoth, but they are great for humans.


    Does Oorstemothian law recognize the concept of “Acts of God” as a liability exception?

    Just playing devil’s advocate so to speak.



    Interesting question, I suspect–no, I am sure–it depends on what treaties and agreements they have with a particular god’s church.

    I am sure all of that is covered in details for all religious organizations they have contracts with.

    I would have to believe that if the god, or his/her church did not have an agreement in place, that could be prosecutable.

    Wonder if that was part of the motivation for the flying cigar tube? Go arrest offending deities and their agents?

    Actually, there is some discussion on this matter, in book 4, in terms of where they can legally pursue a suspect.

    For example, they can go to Nysegard because there is no single entity whose sovereign borders they’d be invading.

    But one of the Outer Planes? Hmm, that could be a diplomatic sovereignty issue.


    I have to disagree the Oorstemothians are well into a bureaucratic distopea that treats even petty violations as major crimes.


    Do you have a permit to discuss Oorstemothian law? If not….

    I suspect people on your Earth would like the place, for one reason, if you like that sort of thing, I point out that they do have some democracy, the mayors of all cities are elected by popular vote. (Assuming you are properly registered to vote and haven’t been purged–and I am not talking about voter rolls)

    The capital city’s mayor is Lord Mayor Miguel Blum D’Berg and he has been elected for 8 consecutive terms. He has been very popular for regulating the size of beverages and for S&I, his zero tolerance policy for suspected criminals: Stop & Imprison.

    Of course there is some quiet dissent to his rule, some of the more ‘leftist’ citizens whisper that he’s actually an archdemon posing as a human, but that’s clearly political slander, since everyone knows that’s impossible.


    Hmm, could be a demon Ice Berg, but that would require a VERY large soda to put it in.

    And Mayor Blum D’Berg has outlawed anything bigger than a quart.

    If he were a demonic Ice Berg, he’d want to be able to soak in a soda.


    It could go into some sort of x-whiskey or something. I don’t think even an Arch-demon could pass a size limit on alcohol in the abyss.


    Ah, but the real problem would come with trying to limit the size of Denubian Choco-Coffee(TM) then you run up against signed agreements dictating the serving “suggestion” (ahem) of the beverage etc.

    That’s a lawsuit even the Oorstemothians would respect. You recall how much the enjoyed negotiating with Hasselforthalus.


    D’Berg? So, it’s a Demon Iceberg? Is there such a thing?

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