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    This is creepy. These people should be commenting frequently as I believe it is against their nature to have a conversation that gets straight to the point as they are quite loquacious and verbose.

    I say shenanigans.


    Vex and vilify those who disregard due process of loquacious law.


    As a vast and virtuous society, Oorstemoth is ostensibly overly and overtly perhaps a pint too pernicious in it’s vigilant vows to safeguard superiority the auspicious axiomatic Oorstemothian order.
    This most blatant of blunders of believing Oorstemoth is perhaps a malefactor is most assuredly antithesis to Oorstemothian order.
    Thus Oorstemoth has issued a dictum citing, row three of page 284 of the official Oorstemoth holiday creation guideline, said dictum is a reissue of a dictum issued on the 1st day of the tenth quarter month (Titius) on the 100th year of the post Vargosian calendar, (for those of you unaware of Date Oorstemothian) that was repealed by an infiltration agent of The Church of Tiernon who had successfully infiltrated Oorstemoth but was found to be guilty of Unlicensed Infiltration of an Empire in Affiliation with Oorstemoth or Oorstemoth itself. Said dictum had issued an officially sanctioned Oorstemothian holiday. Said holiday is an alliteratively active holiday frequently shortened by those incapable of pronouncing said soliloquy in a sincere or otherwise properly pronounced manner. the shortened name of said holiday is Oorstemoth Appreciation Day.
    the full version in all its gratuitous glory is sadly not possible to fit in this text box. but enough lamenting on a lack of loquaciousness,
    let the jovial jamboree justly commence!


    Hear Hear!

    Holiday Happiness happens not by happenstance but by the hearkening of helpful Hallowed Hallelujahs of Heightened Honesty honoring the heartwarming helpfulness of Oorstemoth in ordaining order upon the oceans and the overseas offshoots of Oorstemoth!


    Looking at the writings of Oorstemoths, I can only conclude they are some post human intelligence experiment.


    Now, that’s the holiday spirit!

    It’s also the nicest thing anyone on this annoying archaic anecdotal accident of a website has said about my beloved homeland!


    They give me a headache.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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