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    Well i think everyone of us had the thought that godhood is not more than an issue of gaining worshipers. However, if that is true, there is as far as i know no reason for our untimely deceased lord Orcus not to use the mana of his worshipers to heal himself. In fact now that i think about it why didn’t he? Shouldn’t the links to his non D’Orc shamans allow him to drain their mana? Lilith let or had shut down Castle Doom in order to decrease Orcus mana stream and thus prevent a possible healing. One could argue that the mana simply wasn’t enough but, considering that a small amount of Tiermons mana (relatively speaking) was enough to heal him, that doesn’t add up.


    On a side note.

    How interested are people in the Orcs and D’Orcs?

    One reason is that I am motivated by one of the shaman, who doesn’t attend the party due to work.

    Leftenant Trig Bioblast, Second Shaman of the OCSS Skull Crusher (Oak Clan Star Ship) in the Antilles Cluster. Shamans in this universe do much of what you’d expect, but what they are critical for is what other SF books call “subspace communication” e.g. FTL communication between ships and bases. In some ways not unlike the “stones” used in Stargate Universe etc.

    This would be a different series, tangentially tied to the first story line.

    Basically a further exploration of Orcs in space vs other fantasy races (plus humans) in space.

    Major enemies would include Elves obviously, but also a race yet to be named that look rather cthulhu inspired. I would expect dwarves, dragons and others to be involved at various points.

    Anyway, just something that’s been itching at me as a story…

    Is it a bit WH40K? Probably, but, I have never played, read or owned any WH40K, just seen the artwork. So it should be quite different.


    I like it – the orcs/D’orks are fun – the ultimate underdogs! having lacked supernatural representation for thousands of years and generally having been abused by the other races…they seem pretty cool and for various reasons i’m totally hoping they kick some serious arse in DOA – now that they have their “god” back. However dare i say please hold off on the tangential series until DOA is done- or at least this arc is done.

    Speaking of the whole God thing – does the fact that Tom is effectively their god mean he gets a mana stream through the activated shamans … in the same way that Tiernon gets one through his priests? presumably this will kick in as belief in him grows – giving him his innate mana, the mana from mount doom and the mana stream he gets from those that worship him ….. if he activated the whole spacefaring tribes that could in theory be more than tiernon… or certainly on par…


    Hah you think like me!

    I am sure everyone is thinking that. We shall have to see!

    I do point out that Shamans technically do function as priests in many tribal societies, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

    OOOTA or OOA would definitely be a secondary priority to books 2 and 3 and probably 4. I think more of something to work on when I need some “away” from DOA to let it percolate, but yet not get too far away.


    Well, you can say that the shamans has to be ‘praying’ or meditating to send mana.

    Also, Orcus could be stabbed multiple times or the blade was kept in his gut.

    Also, the amount of mana Tom used isn’t small. It is said to be equavalent to two and a half ‘Miracle’ and a Miracle is quite large by their standard.


    The point with multiple stab-wounds/prolonged expose to the knife’s magic may be possible.

    Compared to the overall mana available to the god the mana needed for 2.5 miracles is insignificant (from what i gathered a lowly saint can access more mana for a short period). Further we know that Orcus has lots and lots of followers thus the mana should have been enough. Especially if he could steal mana through the links, which is, admittedly, not necessarily possible from what we know so far.


    Well the key point was that Lilith came in and mucked up Mount Doom which was his “home made” god pool and mana factory.

    We don’t yet know what she did, but she shutdown his mana supply from Mount Doom. We also don’t know how he had his links arranged.

    Gods store their mana in god pools, which are vaguely described giant mana pools, presumably all the Illumination Streams go up and into and out of those pools, like a bank account, and the god (or gods with a pantheon pool) has unlimited (or very high) check writing privilages.

    In the case of a god, he/she probably has links to both the god pool, a pantheon pool and his/her avatars. If you screw up any one of those, they can tap the others. The shallowest would be avatars because it’s their own reserves and those downstream of them.

    We don’t know how Orcus was setup. We don’t know if he technically had avatars to draw on, or relied on pure shamans. We also don’t know he was taking it from shamans. We do know that he was taking it from Mount Doom. Mount Doom got shut down and he was in the middle of battle and had been hit by antimus. He probably didn’t have time before the antimus consumed all of his animus.

    As Tom said, a very gruesome sort of way to go.

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