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    Discussion of Netflix Ragnarok


    I will have to check this out. I fear that I will have to watch it alone. My girlfriend is more interested in the animated eastern stories than she is in the northern ones.


    Got it queued up. Thanks, Tizzy!


    Did 4 episodes last night. Or at least four, after having to disable 4 different smoke alarms, progressively further away, that kept going off, there was nothing to keep me from falling asleep while enjoying my pipe and the show, so I think I slept through a few and will need to rewatch.

    Had a bit of trouble with the “new norse” but the “old norse” was definitely understandable, if heavily accented.

    As is discussed in OOA, there are some limitations on the translation capabilities of “Universal” when it comes to recorded media. The further one is in time and space from the person recorded, the less intelligible it becomes.


    Running commentary as I watch.

    I really thought that Vidar would have been bigger. As the fellow that is supposed to slay Fenrir by stepping on his lower jaw and breaking his head apart, the actor doesn’t really have that aura of menace that a God of Vengeance I would have thought he would have.


    Yes, these are clearly dwarf giants, which is I guess possible because they are distantly related species.

    My explanation would be that they can change size. True risar can change their size, there is actually a discussion of it in Book IV.

    Risar, like all immortals, can either be incarnated or using mana bodies. If using mana bodies, like demons and most avatars (except for Beragamos who is incarnated at the moment so he could get through the wards at Freehold) they can be any size they want.

    If incarnated, in real bodies, they can use spells to shrink themselves or…

    In this case, it looks like people are incarnating themselves, which is why they look different in the mirror than in the real world, so it’s possible they have chosen to incarnate in human sized bodies, possibly using human hosts for their souls (sort of like what happens with an Incubus).

    That is similar to what Frigg tells Magne, although that’s very confusing because she mentions Thor, and Magne is Thor’s son, not a reincarnation of Thor.

    Of course, if you are going to pick on things. Why are they calling their ancestors “Vikings”

    Vikings are not a people, viking is something you do, and people doing it are called “Vikings” sort of like how workers “work” Danes went a viking as did the Norwegians and the proto-Swedish, Finns and everyone living up in that region.

    You “go a viking” or just “go viking”

    You would sort of think the Norwegians would know this…apparently the have not been listening to Ragnar Lodbrok.

    Tsk Tsk


    Ö. Ö. Ö, Ö, Ö!




    Hey ho!

    Tizzy here!

    Who else would I be?

    Don’t believe those nasty stories in book IV: lies, seditious lies and statistical provocations!

    Anyway, got tired of hovering over T-A-G’s bed this weekend, vainly trying to “encourage him” to write faster and winged my way over to the “living room: to his weird mirror thingy. [Apparently his office is the “dying room” because it’s pretty dead in there, not hearing much from his typewriter]

    Using his magic wand, I found this thing called Netflix, it’s sort of like Mirror-On-Demand or something, showing you visions of alternate localverse storylines and such and found this weird set of visions called Ragnarok.

    First things first, the pro/an-tagonists listento authentic Doom Metal! Woo Hoo! And in ancient Norse even! Causes them to spontaneously pseudo-rhythmically dance, rip hearts out of dear and eat wounded birds whole. You know, the sorts of things you do when you hear a rockin tune!

    It’s a very “interesting take” on a Post-Ragnarok Earth. Apparently this Earth has some sort of climate catastrophe that is threatening the planet and a few humans are getting bothered. Including a one-eyed Norse-Grandpa in a scooter and his cranky shopkeeper wife. (Yeah Yeah, it’s Odin and Frigg. 9 times out of 10 if you see and old, one eyed, mobility impaired Norseman–it’s Odin–just saying the old–dead–fart gets around)

    So, of course, Giants are “bad” and Gods are “good” and all that BS, but that being said, not bad. Truth be told, I have always had a warm spot in my heart for Magne. Much nicer chap than his cranky old man, Thor. Fortunately, he bit the snake, or was it the snake bit him, or the damn wolf? I don’t remember anymore, suffice to say he’s gone, or at least in deep space with a walking tree, talking raccoon and a near-do-well son of a god….

    So you should check this thing out, if for no other reason the rockin Jotunn-Music.


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