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    I like that one; but may be better for book 4 or 5…but I like it a lot.

    Will put it on the list.


    First choices for Book 3’s Name


    Here is the first poll to select the name of Book 3.

    If you have other suggestions; add them as a reply and I will put them in the poll.

    You can vote for multiple names.


    “Heaven’s Fall”


    “Empire of Doom” or is that too early.


    Not at all because it was an Empire/Doompire thousands of years ago, and it’s now coming back.

    Be sure to vote for your own selections after I add them everyone!


    So this morning I was thinking about another series I am writing, hopefully for first book release before too long and realized that the suggested name: “Agent of Chaos” actually works better in that series.

    In particular, Book 1 is called “Chaos Rising” and “Agents of Chaos” (slightly different) would be perfect for Book 2. (The series is set in a superhero type universe)

    So; I would prefer not to use Agent of Chaos for Book 3 of this series; even though it would work equally well.

    I am wondering if this implies an overall theme to my writing that Chaos is so integral?

    In any event; I think I want to steal “Agent of Chaos” to become “Agents of Chaos” for book 2 of my other series.


    New suggestion: Apostles of Doom

    This would be in reference to Vaselle, Gastrope’, Damien, the shamans, Fer-Rog, Rupert.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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