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    So, I was making dinner this evening when I recalled that Tizzy had to remove pests from his garden. The garden presumably where demon weed is grown.

    Then, I asked myself, why isn’t demon weed more common? Do other cultivate it? Were these pests in fact thieves trying to get seeds?

    If so, where is the garden?

    So I thought… what if the Garden of Eden is in fact the last world of a localverse. The only world where demon weed can grow and possibly the original localverse from which the first gods arose.

    Bear with me.

    Given that all localverses eventually die the original magieneers of Eden sought to gather enough mana to create new universes before theirs died. The developed demon weed as a tool to access the astral plane and from there eventually established the first outer plane. They gathered mana from worshipers and used it to spin new universes. This is the birth of the multiverse.

    However, there is a problem. Demon weed is a very touchy plant. It can only grow in a specific universe made from a specific balance of Law/Chaos and Negative/Positive. Unable to replicate this effect the magineers (now gods) tried to find a way to preserve the last of their original home. In essence they attempted to time-lock Eden in order to preserve it and only allow time to pass in a small space-time where the demon weed is grown.

    The attempts to time-lock an entire universe shattered the bonds of time and space failed. They thought they had it, but their failure led to the creation of the Abyss. Maybe the Abyss is the original Eden or maybe it was an experimental plane. Regardless of whether the Abyss is Eden or not the truth is that they did not completely fail. A portion of the Eden universe was preserved and one of it’s original gardeners, no one special — just a gardener, was assigned to it. This is Tizzy.

    However, Tizzy cannot undergo the Phoenix Cycle. The Eden gods bound Tisdale to the garden in order to guard and preserve it. However, should he undergo the Phoenix Cycle then there is a time when it would be vulnerable. So Tizzy has lived for countless cycles, slowly going mad as he serves his original masters as the Gardener of Eden.


    Oh, and does anyone else thing Tizzy is Gandalf?


    It seems lilith and Sam have (probably) both Phoenixed, but their original myth being Adam and eve, says they never leave Eden.


    The myth that Sammael and Lilith tend to go with is that all four of them were in the garden of Eden, the pairings were Lilith and Adam, Sammael and Eve.

    However, Adam and Eve got tired of immortal paradise and decided to become mortal and simply reincarnate endlessly. Sammaell and Lilith were thus left as an unlikely pairing. Which is why they don’t so much get along.

    Of course, this story does not take into account the Phoenix Cycle, which most demons don’t know about (or it is not widely known, the Princes would know)

    As to the other theories, it is very much something like that. Demon Weed only grows in very peculiar places.

    [quote]CoA:ITW will cover this.[/quote]

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