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    Why do you think Reggie OD’d on pot?

    He didn’t, unless you mean at the beginning when he was human, same with Tom. They were just having an out of body experiences and they would have eventually reeled back in as the drug war off if crazy wizards had not bound them and cut their astral cords.

    If I implied that at Mount Doom I need to clear that up.

    HOWEVER…Demon Weed is like X-Glargh. Demon’s (and D’Orcs) are just stoned pretty normally. You don’t OD, you pass out/fall asleep. Many will be doing exactly that at Mount Doom.

    Humans on the other hand are very seriously affected, more like LSD. It’s not a hallucination though.

    Shamans, Seers, Sorcerers all use demon weed when they can get it to help them with trances, out of body experiences, seeing, scrying. Note that the shamans started shoveling cookies and were puzzled why a party would be serving psychotropic drugs at the party (it affects orcs like humans, and clearly the shamans had never been to a party in LA)

    Demon Weed is the preferred material component of Spirit Walking, Astral Projection. It can also be used in spells/rituals to get you to the Aetherial plane(s) (Where unicorns roam–along with others)

    It is totally psychotropic as far as humans and orcs (and most mortals) are concerned.


    I’ve almost finished my second reading. I just wanted a place to put minor changes.




    Not sure this is a big deal but as far as I know you cannot overdose on pot and yet Reggie sort of does just that.


    Demon pot it would probably more like getting alcohol poisoning on moonshine vs near beer. At least that’s how I look at it strength wise.

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