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    I like that!



    Very good question with multiversal implications…I need to think on this.


    Well there’s the welcoming comity aka tizzy so getting directions to the courts isn’t hard. Also when being first summoned they are generally imps or sprites and are enslaved for centuries and low power.


    That could be it, or something like it, it is certainly a different physics than what we know.


    Rereading Alpha 2 description of Exador’s Cherenkov-mancer, what’s maximum c in Abyss?


    Wouldn’t it be funny if the Abyss was flat, but time was two-dimensional?


    That would be amusing.

    I’m also trying to figure out where there might be vacuum in the Abyss.

    Place is a little weird in that that temperature drops as you go up, but pressure, apparently does not, or at least a much slower rate.


    So what, there’s order (cold) in one direction, disorder (heat) in the other? Disorder attracts matter, instead of gravity, but the pressure from the heat pushes matter to a relatively neutral zone, where it cools to become rock plates, mountains, scenery, seating for demons? Fusion in the heat produces lots of heavy metals?


    Where does all the matter and energy used on the other planes come from?

    What if the “bottom” of Abyss is like a zero-point energy source, spewing pairless virtual particles which then become matter or other types of energy. And on the other side of that bottom is the mirror image, but for the negative plane?


    what if the abyss is just a strange miasma of energy whose form is mandated by its inhabitants?


    That is actually the Outer Planes!

    However, I had been thinking something along this line as well, earlier in the conversation.

    What if the Abyss, is actually a sealed off outer plane of a fixed nature created by the so called “Demon All Father” held in place by his will.

    Of course, there is the other train of thought that has been raised in these Alpha discussions, which is that the Abyss is the original garden of eden, from which Lilith and Sammael never left. Unlike Adam and Eve who were kicked out.

    This is based on some the appendices.


    Both could make sense, but this having various mythologies shoved together, with demons and their own mythos, it might make sense for it to actually be the demon father to be holding it together, but sense he’s absent no one knows or cares, therefore Lilith and Sam can claim what ever they want as current “rulers” of the abyss.


    Then again, Abyss has also been described as essentially unbounded. Lilith and Sammael seem to only hold on to a small patch of it.

    For some reason, demons captured from this particular Astlan seem to end relatively near each other, but what about the infinite parallel Astlans? Are each of them closest to a particular patch of the Abyss, and therefore their demons end up there?


    Actually, the multiple-Astlans issue is discussed in another thread.

    When people travel to the Abyss, it collapses their alternate time-stream selves; bodily transfer i.e. a portal opening to the singular Abyss collapses the time streams of the world to which the portal is opened.

    Thus, the more frequent a plane (and I mean an entire plane e.g. localverse) interacts with the Abyss, the fewer alternate time streams there are.

    As a consequences of Astlan and the localverse seeming to be the favorite “vacation spot” for arch demons, Astlan and it’s localverse don’t actually have a lot of time-streams.

    It’s Schrodinger’s cat, the more the singular Abyss “measures” the state of a particular universe, the more collapsed its wave function is. I.e. you only have one state.

    Conversely this can also, in the case where it doesn’t happen that often, serve as a bifurcation point to create permanent alternate universes. E.g. permanent alternate universe because more than one of the timestreams is strong enough on their own to survive as a full universe.

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