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    in the Abyss


    So humans don’t need to eat or drink in the Abyss, right?
    Humans still sweat in the Abyss, right?

    Do I need to say more?




    Don’t try and patent that idea…Lilith will be after you in a heartbeat!

    She operates vast networks of “sweat shops” throughout the Abyss. Different shops also torture/torment/pleasure/etc the workers in different ways to get different flavors of sweat.

    Same with the tear factories. Anguish, guilt, shame, remorse, every flavor of tear you can imagine!

    And then of course, the huge number of blooderies (where they make blood wine).

    She makes a ton of money on the blood, sweat and tears of mortals!



    i was wondering about the blood wine. is it actually fermented in some way? i cant imagine its normally fermented since 1: not enough sugar to ferment. and 2: alcohol wouldn’t do much for denizens of the abyss anyway.


    Very good question!

    I am not an expert, but my understanding is that they use a special, low sugar yeast found on a number of worlds, including those in the Denubian localverse. However, unlike Choco-Coffee(TM) it’s not exclusive to the Denubians so Hesseforthalus doesn’t have a lock on the distribution rights.

    This is one of the things that makes him such a powerful figure in the Abyss (as even Sam notes in Book IV). You cross him and you get cut off from the Choco-Coffee(TM).

    Anyway, they use this yeast, I’d be tempted to call it D’Yeast, but that’s not really true, it’s from the material plane. Along with some of the ingredients of X-Glargh (although in smaller proportions) and then a boatload of magic. This is necessary to keep the remaining animus in the cells and to prevent/repair cellular damage during the ice distillation process (as with ice wine)

    I’ve never tried to make any myself. I’m fine with x-glargh if I were to get thirsty, but in general, I’m a pipe man myself. And cookies, brownies, and anything made with D’Butter.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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