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    Reading the segment “Introduction to the Astral Plane”

    It states it was written “By[color=red] Ase Onan Archimage of Turelane 1334-1362 Ani Chronia[/color]”

    The timeline entry on the website says [color=red]1135 Ani Chronia is -219 PV[/color] and reads “100th War between Oorstemoth and Vargosite Empire. Instigator unknown. Oorstemoth victorious. (However, Vargosite records indicate that all battles were technically won by the Vargosite Empire). ”

    If you check the Turelane entry though it says “The Magedom of Turelane was one of the states founded after the fall of the Vargosite Empire. It was founded by Turelane al Addin in [color=red]3 PV[/color].”

    Typo, website error, or just in-universe scholarly error?


    Most likely brain damage from being older than Tizzy.

    Will investigate, will thank when addressed. If don’t see thanks before too long, scream.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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