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    the worlds of the localverses were colonized at least in part from other parts of the multiverse. we know that even long after the fall of doom there were ork shamans able to contact other planes and during the height of the doompire orkish trade and travel was common both in and out of the localvers. i see no reason why the other races could not have had similar periods of expansion and travel through out history. finding other planes is a matter of searching on the astral plane or resorting to wizardry which probably has a safer method of focusing in on one. and all of this is leaving aside the fact that the gods likely transported some worshipers to every new plane they found. have to diversify that worship base after all.


    Discussion on how worlds were settled


    The localverse refers to worlds that exist in the same universe, but not the same planet?

    In a high tech localverse, the various peoples (orcs, humans, elves, etc) travel in starships, colonize planets and this basically explains how all the worlds in the localverse are colonized and why the core race are found it lots of places. Presumably high tech localverses have many worlds, although we have no idea how many different worlds are habitable.

    What about magic heavy/low science universes. They too have localverses. They too have the same races sharing multiple worlds in the localverse. How did this happen. Presumably some of these worlds were colonized by others? If yes, how was the fallow world found so it could be colonized. Or did the gods just create the same races on all the viable worlds.

    Presumably whichever force (colonizer or gods) that colonized the world also created the connections that allow different localverse worlds to know to contact each other (and how).


    And why are the worlds all multi-species. Is this because multiple pantheons weighed in, or is there another reason.


    Yep, you guys are correct.

    Worlds in the same localverse are in the same universe and have the same physics. So spells will work the same on those worlds as on your own, even if it isn’t a “known” spell on that world.

    [Caveat, there is not just one spell for the same affect, most affects can be done in different ways, sometimes with other elements]

    Astlan, Avalon, Etterdam, Nysegard, Romdan and Ithgar and Targella are all in the same localverse. So most of the current Doomalogues are in the same localverse, and I should note that this universe/localverse has so many because it is tightly linked to the Abyss due to it’s laws of magic being so good at binding demons.

    Visteroth and Gormegast are also in the same localverse, but, in different galaxies. Visteroth is in the galaxy Hycenth III and Gormegast in is Daedenus 1 (and the Antilles is in a large globular cluster on the edge of this galaxy).

    As we will see in OOA. Those two galaxies have had no previous contact other than through Doom, so they might as well be different localverse

    [SPOILER]Except for the entire plot of OOA![/SPOILER]

    Plane jumping spells work about as well for other planets, they are a bit different, but not hugely different. In someways it is like the World Gates, it’s just a different address in the multiverse.

    There are, however, other ways to travel and colonize in magic worlds. You will get some clues as to how it might work in a magic world in OOA.

    However, both the Nimbus and the Inferno are capable of intra-Fierdal travel–but the distances are vast. They would have problems similar to your own Earth in terms of travel times.

    That being said, alfar could fairly easiiy travel the Fierd system given their long lifetimes.

    But finally yes…a lot of the colonization was originally done by the gods. Later in the series we will see more of this as the stakes raise.

    Recall there were once a lot of other races on Earth. They were basically driven off by the Demi-Urge (directly or indirectly) along with many other events, including Ragnarok, the Nyjyr Ennead screw ups (see DemiUrge again).

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