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    Well, I think it was wellknown by the Astlanians that Tom is Lenamare’s demon, that Lenamare is the accursed master. Also given is that the Rod is desparate to save Talarius. Then shouldn’t The Rod take Lenamare to custody or something, interogate him, extract from him Tom’s name, etc.

    Then for the whole book why don’t they? Why don’t they even think about Lenamare (and Gastrope, Maelen and Jenn) when he appears to be a good source of info?

    Hilda also doesn’t seem to pursue them too. Why?


    I think it’s a good point.

    A bigger point, not really addressed is the fact that he’s wanted for arrest by the Oorstemothians.

    Hilda is undercover, she’s not ready for a bust. Plus by the time she knows as much as the Rod does, she knows more and knows that Lenamare had no control over the demon. She was truth reading everyone she spoke to. She believes Lenamare was just a pawn to get the demon in to Astlan. She also wants to get more info from him. These wards are a concern of hers. They would be a big problem for archons, and with adjustment, Lenamare might be able to completely block avatars. He had tuned primarily to keep demons out when she was there.

    I do think putting the squeeze on Lenamare from both Rod and Oorstemoth is a good idea for beta 2.


    Yes, a lot of people is after him and he has a direct connection to Tom. Not to mention he knows Tom’s name. The circumstances makes Lenamare vital in resolving the situation. He should be targeted by everybody (and every demon); but no, almost no one seems to remember him.


    I don’t know it’s so much that they don’t remember him, it’s that they aren’t sure about him.

    The higher up people are not sure if he is working for Tom, say as a warlock or if he was a patsy, which is what most lower downs think.

    In other words, no one believes the demon he summoned was really type iv, some are thinking that Tom tricked Lenamare into summoning him, used him as a gateway like Tom used verigas.

    And/or, no one is brave enough to try to force Lenamare to summon Tom again. What do you do if a demon that can do what Tom did shows up and is mad at you?

    There are several other reasons also, for example if Tom reappears in Astlan, it would be an invitation for Tiernon’s most senior avatars to come down and take him and everyone around him out. Of course, they don’t realized that Beragamos is already there by the end of the book.

    But don’t worry, I moved a character forward who was only exceedingly low profile in book 1, to an active role in trying to get Talarius back. that character will be pushing every possible opportunity in beta 2.


    Still, even if there was doubts, Lenamare still provide the most direct connection to Tom. Tom’s name is a big asset in the first place. The Avatars of Tiernon for example could forcefully summon Tom and eliminate him. The other demons could use it as leverage. etc.

    It would seem that the others have a plot induced blindness to this.

    I think you should provide a clear reason why the others (wizards, gods, demons) didn’t seem to consider him to their plans, research, etc.


    I will up that information detail.

    There is a lot of politics involved in this. That’s part of the lesson, just because you “can” on paper do something, reality/politics can mean something else.

    Lenamare is quite powerful, the Council of which he is a member and is staying with is an incredibly powerful force. Then you have Exador and these archdemons, you have Oorstemoth, you have the church in astlan, the avatars above, rumors of the Nyjyr Ennead, and now Orcus has apparently returned.

    Gods and Kings are used to very complicated chess games, you don’t want to risk making an ill advised move until you understand all the pieces on the board. This is why all rulers are advised to have a dwavern Hand of the King with a scarred face and a bald eunuch to advise them.

    Until you know how the lines of allegiance are drawn take a precipitous move could be like sticking your hand in a trap.

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