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    Lenamare triggered it on teleportation spells, i.e. detecting them.

    A portal is a gateway, like a runic gateway, saintly gateway etc.

    So, I would think not as configured, however, he could probably adjust the triggers. The big question would be are all these portals/gates close enough in terms of energy signature–or whatever the trigger mechanism is to detect them and spring the trap.

    I’m not a wizard, so have no clue.

    As for skew space, it’s a twisting of the localverse that changes the flow of time. It’s not a different universe, it’s more like a warping of the localverse and is generally tied to a physical location/item etc.

    As for the other questions…

    [SPOILER]This will be coming up again in Book 4 and beyond in much more detail. :-k [/SPOILER]


    trampa de teletransportación


    Would Lenamare’s teleportation trap work on Tom’s portals?
    I can’t see how it would.
    I see three possible options:
    1. it does nothing and Tom can open a portal to Lenamare’s location with their link
    2. it shifts the location of the portal to the vergian time stasis, which then tries to freeze the whole abyss and then burns out or
    3. it shifts the location and then doesn’t open.

    Option two would be the most interesting, but option 1 seems the most likely, since unlike a teleport, he isn’t aiming towards specific coordinates, he’s feeling across a link and opening a portal when he finds his target.

    If Tom can reach Lenamare, this is a major hole in his defenses, since anyone who can find a link or an object linked to him will have access to him.


    Also, Lenamare mentions skew space. Is this a generic term for strange space, or is it a specific plane?
    Could a demon or God access this trap safely?
    Is there any way of breaking the stasis or is Lenamare right about only a reverse teleport spell being able to do it?


    Well, I’m glad that all my questions have planned answers in the books, but now I want the new books even more


    Why do you think I told you?

    I am a demon, remember?

    I like to torture people!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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