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    You think Universal is a bit weird?

    You’ll find it is far, far, far more “weird” than you think now in OOA:ITN.

    Simplest answer is: Just because you can speak Universal, doesn’t mean you can’t speak other languages if you want.

    Rupert, I am sure (maybe), was (in theory) speaking Trade and or possibly some other local languages in Astlan. When he went to the Abyss, of course, he was with me and others, including Tom so Universal carried over to him.

    Right now, he’s with Fer Rog who speaks Universal and can translate.

    All highly plausible, but no, he can speak Universal, the concept of a half demon is a bit weird anyway.

    Rupert, up until Tiernon killed him was (theoretically/or so he claimed) fully mortal (meaning “incarnated” in the terms of the avatars and in fact Antefalken), however, he is/was “half demon” or something like that [flapper]

    He went to the Abyss as a mortal, maybe that “grounded him to the Abyss” However, he did not need an air conditioner as you recall, even though as a mortal he would need one. Don’t get me started on Rede, I forget, but there are differences between mortals in the Abyss and demons in the Abyss. As you shall find out.

    Anyway, once he was slain by Tiernon (or anyone–doesn’t need to be a Knight Rampant), and went to the Abyss, as a half demon he would then be fully a demon (meaning no incarnated body, only his mana body), his mortal part would have been killed. [SPOILER]Although, one might have thought his “incarnated” body (which is “meat” that’s what the word means incarnate is “in meat form”) would have stayed there–and actually it’s odd how easily he as a “mortal” or “incarnated body” could shape change. Shape changing a mana body is relatively easy compared to shape changing a material/incarnated body. But I digress, and so shall repeat: [flapper]
    Perhaps the easiest answer is that he is Dis Pater???? Or is he???
    As for D’Wargs, they are just like wargs in that they don’t speak any traditional languages, meaning of course, they don’t speak.

    If you don’t speak, how would you translate?
    Also, Rede will have some commentary on this as pertains to his own experience.



    There have been some obvious questions raised in the books about Universal, such as why D’wargs don’t count as translators, and why true names aren’t translated into something that can be said by non-native speakers even though everything else is, and I figure those will either be left as mysteries or explained later, either way they don’t make much of a difference. But what about half-demons?
    Does Rupert speak Universal? What about the half-demons on Nysegard? It was never mentioned, but it seems like it would be weird either way. On one hand if Rupert was speaking Universal as a student, he probably would have been found out, and if he wasn’t speaking it later, it seems like it would have come up somehow, especially when he was running around with orcs. The only explanation I can think of is that it’s somehow connected to the Abyss, just like the ability to reform after death. So, once a half-demon travels to the Abyss, he gets all the benefits, but until then, he’s just a strong mortal.

    Also, do some demons have the ability to stop speaking in Universal? Exador would have a hard time hiding if everyone heard him in their native languages.


    Wow, that is a frustrating answer. I really need to read those new books.

    If he isn’t Dis Pater, that brings up so many more questions that I’m just going to pretend you didn’t even say that and just keep waiting for the book.

    Why did Rupert’s incarnated body fade away like a demon’s?


    How does Universal work


    GREAT. Now you’ve got me thinking about it.
    Bradyman’s random theory time:
    Dis Pater was a clone of Orcus, possibly split off of his soul, like with mitosis. He was his own person, but still a little orcus. Instead of being a reincarnation of Dis Pater, Rupert could be an entirely new clone, grown from Tom’s soul, either before of after he was actually born as Tom. Who knows where his soul was all that time?

    I had one theory, that a negative ( antimus) imprint of Orcus’s soul was stored in Excrathadorus Mortis ( I know other beings were killed with it, but I doubt any of them were strong enough to leave as lasting of an imprint as an olympian/demon prince) and when Tom turned it, he re-assimilated that fragment of soul. Which is how he has memories that should be destroyed. He could have triggered them by going to Tartarus, which would line up with how Tom believed that Tartarus itself was infecting him with memories.

    Tom and Rupert could both be soul fragments/clones that Orcus made, similar to Dis Pater, in preparation for his possible death. That could have been his personal version of the phoenix cycle. If he died, Dis, who was still basically him would inherit his mantle ( and who knows if Dis had access to Orcus’s memories or if the same mechanism would have updated him like with Tom), and if they both died, one of his extras would be grown.

    This doesn’t answer why it took so long though. Maybe he never suspected that so many of his followers would also die and someone important for the plan died, or maybe it was a fail-safe. In case everything else went wrong, a part of his soul, or a copy, or whatever was stuck in stasis or a reincarnation cycle on Earth until the heat died down, and he would have a chance to come back.

    Or maybe its much simpler than that, and Rupert is actually his kid from the future somehow.

    Actually, it might be possible that a third party incubus took some of Tom’s animus as a child and got Rupert’s mom pregnant with it. If soul soup from the wheel of life can be used, it should at least be possible for pure animus, although that wouldn’t have made Rupert a half-demon. Unless it was just magicked that way.

    Or maybe he is Dis, and you’re just messing with me in which case: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? I was already going to buy the books, this is just cruel.


    Hee Hee Hee

    I am very fiendish, as I’ve said…. :d/

    Actually, T-A-G has sworn that Rupert is not the result of time travel.

    But, of course, that’s only because that’s what I told him.

    Sometimes, he seems as confused by what I tell him as everyone else I talk to.

    I need someone to speak Tizzish.


    I remember seeing that now. Speaking of time…
    Does time flow the same on Earth and Astlan?
    Does time flow regularly in the abyss? Like can a second feel like a minute and vice versa? Or is the issue just that there is no day to define the time by?
    I know they mention at one point how doom time matches up with different worlds, but that doesn’t mean that time flows perfectly, since it was just an estimation.
    Could an atomic clock work in Doom? It seems like that would solve a lot of issues with time keeping, if they could just build some heat resistant atomic clocks. Since they base the time off of the frequency of signals from a cesium atom ( I’m not an expert, and haven’t researched it), they should be just as effective in a sunless world. Actually any clock could work.
    The command center and Tartarus probably have some pretty advanced clocks now that I think about it.


    Ok, this is not good…

    I swore I wrote a very pithy reply, but do not see it…where did it go? It was so amazingly elegant, yet now gone.

    Seriously? Where did that last post go?

    I think I am getting weed addled at this point.


    I will rewrite my reply later in the day today…I don’t know where it went…


    So again, don’t know where my long message went, but reading again, not sure what I wrote was exactly what you asked.

    Time mostly flows the same on Earth and Astlan and most of the similar localverses. Calendars are obviously different since different planets have different days, months, years etc.

    But things are basically sequential through most of the planes that can easily communicate with each other. I.e. the Time Quanta are the same.

    But, not necessarily, and this is part of why the Altrusians are so difficult to contact, there are other races in other localverses where time is not consistent.

    This comes back to the earlier discussion (somewhere) about what worlds are easily accessible to each other and how some parts of the multiverse are too far out there to easily get to. It’s out in those boonies where time starts to get weird.

    Actually, this is not my area of expertise, Phaestus and Volund are much better at this. This is something that world gates have to compensate for, so those two and their teams can explain such things better. Too much math for me to bother with.

    As will be brought up in OOA:ITN, there are very strict rules in the Concord of Conciliation about intraversal time travel, however, the rules are looser for interversal time travel, because it is sometimes necessary to “effectively” time travel to get where you need to go, in other words to match up with non-syncrhonous timelines.

    There is no day or night in the Abyss, so the CoC arbitrarily setup their own nights/days, Doom took the same time frame because people were going back and forth to the Courts (OK, Orcus was–not until much later did the Courts know about Mount Doom.)

    The length of a day in the Courts/Doom is the same length as in Astlan, this was again arbitrary, but chosen since so many people were commuting there (willingly or not)

    Since pretty much everything works in the Abyss, yes, an atomic clock would work in the Abyss, however, there could be some variances, so I am not sure the accuracy would be as good. But there are ways of compensating and one can use different decay chains from different elements, so there are similar devices in the Abyss/Doom that can be very accurate.

    The World Gates, again, have a timing mechanism far more accurate than an atomic clock. Or at least more multiversally consistent and thus accurate.

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