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    Yeah, I think that is two issues that the new cover does address well.

    The size and the scary. In the first cover, he is hunched over coming through the gateway and at an odd angle, so you don’t get size and there are various issues with the model and body parts flowing naturally that can really bug some people. And his original face isn’t as scary.

    He went to town on those scales in the new one. My original interpretation was more serpent, Jacob went for dragon and I like the effect quite a bit.


    The works on the deviantart seems to be of a different in style compared to the book cover art. Is this intensional?


    I agree with Anskier.

    Your book description to book two on goodreads coincides with the one in Into the Abyss.


    For the image – Why is he looking over to the left?

    He is facing and pointing forward toward the other people, but looking off to the left apparently at nothing. That seems odd to me



    Well, sketchy isn’t the appropriate term, it should be painterly. Nothing is wrong with a painterly style and many artist like working in painterly styles.

    To see what I mean look at this work:

    Notice how much more attention is given to the hair on the characters compared to the book cover art.

    And this:

    Notice the more defined folds on the fabric and more care given on the shading.

    But then, this is his portfolio and artist often display their best work there.


    That is what I was asking at first seing it. I just then assumed that he was looking at himself (hand), though Tom should have his head tilted lower.

    @The Author Guy

    I think Lenamare is more distracting. His blue clothing is a large area of cool color among the mostly warm color of the whole image. His bold pose and some elements like Tom’s left claw and Jehena’s hand point directly at him and directs your attention at him.


    I like the top one.

    By the way. Beautiful illustrations. Like to restart my fan art. Thanks.


    The Second Edition is coming next week!

    Main time constraint is the Dead Tree Format and Galley process….

    Here is a sneak peak at the new cover

    [img=]Into the Abyss, Second Edition[/img]

    Image is by Jacob Atienza or [url=]jubjubjedi[/url]

    The image is set, the text and bar at top can be changed/rearranged if people have suggestions.

    Here is a second version

    [img=]Into the Abyss, Second Edition[/img]

    Update 6/7 Here is a no bar at the top edition

    [img=]Into the Abyss, Second Edition[/img]


    I’d go with the top one for the text


    That’s where I’ve been leaning.

    In theory the titling can be never ending…going through a billion fonts/sizes/placements/material effects…

    Be sure to check out some of his other works at [url=][/url]


    As far as Lenamare drawing too much attention?

    I’m sorry, I thought you met the man in book 1? That is sort of who he is! I would not be surprised if he wasn’t sending the artist instructions on the side!

    It sounds like something he would demand of any image with him in it.

    As far as attention to detail…I think it’s there, but there is an issue of a) size and b) lighting/shadow.

    Here is a full size (scaled down for forum) clip of Triseflet and Lenamre. I can see Lenamare’s hair and robe folds. But also remember the idea is to have less detail on non-major characters, so Tom gets the most detail. Look at his scales.

    Download (or just click on) this image and open it it is like 1390×1100. The stupid forum software is setting max width and height to be 500 and I can’t figure out how to override that code.

    [url=][img=]Close Up Summoning[/img][/url]


    He will be gratified by your comments!

    And his commanding presence is to a point very intentional. The summoning is a battle of two egos, Tom and Lenamare. Refer back to Edwyrd and Lenamare at dinner. This confrontation between the two is something that haunts both of them. You will see this come back again in book ii.

    The demon is raw overwhelming power. But the wizard, a mere mortal, by use of his knowledge and will power can control, dominate and bind this giant monster.

    We were really trying to get to ‘old school demon summoning’ in which the wizard is the hero, not the demon.


    We are talking about the cover. His figure just cut a stong impression.

    So it was intentional. Still, even with less definition, he still stands out. He cut a bold shape in the front.


    Ha! It’s not just me! I asked the same question when I first saw it and asked, shouldn’t he be looking at Lenamare or one of the wizards?

    What Tom is supposed to be doing is looking at his hand/claws in terror/fascination. The blue glow is the magic of first formation/materialization.

    We went back and forth on the blue light of materialization. If we hadn’t done the light, I’d have had the artist draw him looking at Lenamare or Trisfelt.

    However, I decided I wanted to keep the blue light since as you shrink the cover it helps Tom stand out as the stones get rather dark towards the top.

    So I then decided to keep him looking at his hand/claws because as he forms he’s going to be in shock. That’s also the expression on his face.

    It makes sense, once you know, I think. But wondering if it will be too distracting. Although, I’ve heard enough about distracting positions/proportions from the first cover that I’m hoping it’s still a step up in terms of less weirdness to the first time viewer.


    Looking at again, I may be differently interpreting what you mean by polish and sketchy.

    This image is a bit more detailed than some of the deviant art. And in particular, Tom is drawn with a lot more heavy lines, and is less flowing/fluid than some of his other stuff. This is intentional to give a more gut level fear quality I guess you’d call it.

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