How long will the beta period last?

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    I have reserved time with the editor starting July 1st. Assuming she stays on schedule, I’ll be sending her the semi-final book then.

    So I am hoping for three weeks for beta. All major issues/changes should be resolved by then.

    However, I still expect to get feedback on and off with people in July. If we discover late problems, we deal. We can deal up until publication deadline.

    I just don’t want to change stuff that the editor has already edited if it can be avoided.

    Technically, I can change the ebook at any time, but Dead Tree versions are what they are at the point someone buys them. So I don’t like changing what’s been published significantly (e.g. only ‘bugs’ should be fixed after publication)


    So last time, it was more like 3 months.

    It was worth it though.

    This time, I am “hoping” to have it last about 1 month, the editor is setup and ready, but realizes we may run late again.

    We will take however much time is necessary.

    The one month time period gets the book out around Dec 1, 2016. I have no problem with Jan 1, 2017 or Feb 1, 2017 or whatever it takes to get it right.

    People not in the beta program will scream, but the book needs to be done and done right.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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