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    Only change I made yesterday should have been colors.

    Can’t believe that is it.


    Take a look at it now.

    Should be good.

    Because, originally, the covers were different size I stupidly fixed them to same width, trying to avoid height differences when using width %.

    Went back and made new version all of exact same height/width (including non-proportional scaling) then replaced images and used width % 33% on columns and width 95% on images.

    It should scale “OK” to the point the text becomes a problem.

    I need to the entire site to be much more responsive, but that means lots of porting/graphics/etc work that I’m trying to avoid to focus on getting books out faster.

    All I’ve done so far is changed color scheme and logo at top. Replaced home page panel, added an amazon bookstore at bottom with Tizzy’s reading list or recommended books/comics. Which he will update periodically as it strikes him.

    Not done anything more on content.


    Something wacky is also happening with the forum, every time I post, it posts, but get an error message.

    All I did for it was change theme back to the original colors.


    Turning notifications off for now until I can get it fixed.


    Input time:

    One concern I have about posting new appendices and new “Who is Who” entries is that it can spoil stuff for newer readers who have not gotten through all the books at a given point.

    What do people think about having links on the front page that say

    “Unlock content and forums for book N” and want to see information from it.

    If they click that, they can see sections/pages/forums that are tied to having read a book or reading the book.

    In who’s who, I can’t go line by line, but I can have separate sections for characters introduced in Book N.

    Even after book 2, I have not added the D’Orcs to Who’s who, so as to not give away their existence. However, with Book 3 coming soon, that cat will be out of the bag.


    Release book 3 characters the day after book 3 comes out.


    That makes sense.

    Last time I added characters in advance, and ended up with characters that aren’t in the book…still need to do something on that.

    I will do the color scheme/graphics day of release (New Years Day) and hold off a bit on characters and Appendices.


    Saw you changed the layout. Don’t know if all you did was change colors, but there are some layout problems. 1440×900

    Edit: Honestly, without flexbox I don’t see what you can do beyond making it a nested collapsible list or shrinking the covers.



    1440 and you get overlap?

    Nargh, yes, each image is 300, so that’s 900.


    I will figure out a proportional size.


    Hopefully have the posting error fixed. This post will tell me.

    Apparently this error can cause problems if the DNN site and the Forum membership lists are not synched.

    I had turned of the automatic sync mechanism because it was causing weird problems.

    I’d just been manually doing it, but then forgot around Thanksgiving and haven’t done it.

    We had 6 people who were not properly synched to see the beta forums etc.

    My apologies to those 6.


    Well that was not THE problem.


    turning off notifications didn’t help, maybe reboot did? testing

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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