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    are demon and devils different things?

    and is their a plane where people summon spirits, which are also constructed in the same way as demons, dragons, the undead, and possibly angels.


    So I have a question. The Concordenax is said to be the Demon Father, and some demons say it’s name as a curse like a deity. So would the Concordenax get mana like a deity? Even now, after he’s been “gone” for a couple thousand years, Boggy (who supposedly never met him, yeah right) uses the name occasionally. Would that casual reference to something as close to a god as demons get send a little mana toward him?


    I’m going to continue using “it” because I can’t determine gender under its leathery hide. In fact, while I don’t want to try poking at its privates, I’m not 100% sure where they would be located.

    Well, I don’t know what people might get out of belief, but what I can say is that the Concordenax does not depend on you believing in it. It just is. Of course, gods sort of exist without belief, but they aren’t super-powered without belief.

    And, OK, technically, yes, the Concordenax is tied to all demons, and in a round about way is involved in their creation; but then so are wizards and the demons themselves.

    But regardless, the creative function is feminine in most mythologies, so if something is birthing demons, should it not be female? Of course, I’ve never seen any baby demons popping out of its privates—again, if I knew where to look for them.

    Of course, I admit that people and demons do refer to the Concordenax as a “he” I just sort of thought this was patrimonial confusion. But maybe they know more than I do.


    Since wizards create demons by pulling on entities from planes so far away from theirs that they cant recognize them as human, that seems to imply that when they do whatever ceremony is used to summon new demons, they can differentiate between “humans” and “demons” in the astral plane. Since they are all, or at least mostly human in the first place, does that mean that a wizard could, if he chose to, target another wizard, turning him into a demon and a slave? This seems like something Lenamare would do if he knew about it.

    Ooh, idea. Tizzy mentioned to Tom that in order to travel to low manna planes, demons would have an incubus have kids for them on that plane, so they could be summoned. This seems like a great way for demons to get revenge on their Accursed Masters, they could go to earth, which is far enough away that people from there are mistaken for demons in the astral plane, and the demons can have their kids do a new demon binding whenever a wizard goes into the astral plane.


    Speaking of shamans, towards the end of THH Rupert and Fer-Rog are learning skin walking and Tom had already shown some proficiency in this, when he was able to make himself into an older looking version of himself. Rupert at least is able to switch between demon, orc and human. How extreme can these changes go? Tom already has a tail that can shoot lighting, could he grow a flamethrower on his arm or something if he wanted to? OR something less extreme like an extra set of arms like Reggie or Tizzy?

    Ooh, if someone is powerful enough, can they force someone else to change appearance? If so, that would be a cool way to torture wizards, he could make them look at least partially demonic, and tell them that he took their soul. Although, wizards would probably be able to undo it eventually. I would say he could do it to priests, but that would be too cruel. It would be an awesome/evil joke to play on Jenn, or, if changing someone else isn’t possible, Rupert and Edwyrd could meet up with Jenn, and both show a bit of horn growing, or have vertical pupils, and let her think they have been “corrupted”. Tom would NEVER do this to her, but I can see Rupert changing his eyes to freak her out, if they were about to admit to her her that they were demons.


    ABout the D’orc making process: Could Tom do something similar for Vaselle, so that if Vaselle is killed he could come back as a demon? That seems like something he might be willing to try, and he would be a good first test subject, because if he didn’t come back, none of the orcs would be upset, and Tom wouldn’t want them to lose faith in him, if they thought he couldn’t bring them back if he promised it to them.


    What are the general misconceptions that you see in the books pertaining to demons that tizzy, boggy, antefalken, and or tom don’t correct? Because I want to know what is misinformation spread from wizards ( men and women in pointy hats with no sense of right and wrong!) ](*,) And what is accurate reliable information on this forum. Besides everything tizzy says.
    [color=yellow][size=1] tizzy can’t see yellow can he? Because I don’t trust him, not because he is a demon, but because he is, well, Tizzy. :^o [/size][/color]

    Also is it possible to make an artificial demon via animus from dead things? If so then do wizards ( no sense of right or wrong, a blight and virus over the land, truly,) tend to summon demons on battlefields? If so might that make a larger or more powerful demon? Especially during the forming process, or do they have magic circles to prevent that? If they do then they probably don’t know why they do it other than paranoia.

    And on the topic of animus, is it possible to fuse mana and animus? Or does that make some kind of magic antimatter? Or are they like oil and vinegar that attract each other? Is there an equivalent of an emulsifier? So many questions, and I am waiting eagerly for book two! =d>


    Making mana constructs from dead things with animus is a description of necromancy, which is a branch of wizardry which is frowned upon.



    Necromancy is raising the dead/animating the dead, infusing the souls of the departed into old corpses or constructs.

    One sort of nasty, although often tolerated heresy on this front is binding souls into magic items. In particular swords seem to be a popular choice.
    golems sometimes as wel

    What do you mean more reliable source than Tizzy?

    Clearly, being a very ancient demon, I must be one of the most knowledgeable and renowned sources of demonic knowledge in the multiverse?.

    To be honest there isn’t a lot of accurate reliable information, other than me. However, the Library has texts from various scribes (some of which were in the book)

    Yes, demons are often sent into battlefields.

    No, can’t really fuse animus and mana, but they will stick to each other. Typically, a non-corporal being is a blob of animus surrounded by a mana body.


    I find you to be somewhat confused, Mr. Suggestion.

    You seem to have confused wizards with priests. Although not all priests have pointy hats. Very few wizards do, other than Trisfelt.

    I understand, as an ill-informed member of the general public you may have confused the various types of mana users, priests and wizards.

    Because, quite frankly other than the use of the wrong word, Wizard, you do completely get the idea of what a priest and other sorts of clerics are about.

    I should also point out that you are wise to not trust anything that Tizzy creature says. Clearly a very irritating imbecile, I suspect he’s been able to run around freely so much because no self respecting Demon Master could put up with his annoying blather for any significant length of time.

    So, in short, let me assure you that I, Lenamare, being a truly gifted Conjuror, if I do say so myself, which I do, but then so does everyone that knows me…can provide you with any and all information you need.

    I am working on some more treatises and will be posting them to the library in the coming week or so.

    Rest assured this information shall indubitably satisfy your thirst for knowledge on these despicable beings.

    Yours truly,

    Lenamare The Great.


    From my point of view: generally.

    However, there are some religions that refer to certain Avatars of Dark Gods as being Devils. These generally reside in planes specific to that deity or pantheon.

    So, I suppose, you could say that “Devils” or more often religion specific Avatars or Demons.

    It just depends on the religion.

    But as far as manacentric beings go, you basically have the

    Dragons (Demonic Dragons)
    Avatars (light and dark)

    And maybe a few other oddballs.

    BTW. Don’t tell any of the current participants of the these books about the Djinn. Most of them don’t know about djinn yet. They are much more common in the Southern Realms of Astlan. Trevin D’Vils is probably the only current character to know about them. Of course, Lenamare will say he knows all about them, but that they are generally beneath his notice (hee hee hee…that could be fun)

    OK, and Exador, Bess and Ramses would know about them, and Boggy and I, oh, and Antefalken certainly.


    Can Animages summon demons, and how would their process differ from normal? Since animages manipulate manna directly, how would they summon a demon, since demon summonings seem to be all about spells and pentagram designs. What would an animage that specialized in demon summoning be called, a demonimaster? ( ADHD moment- is an animage that controls the dead a necromaster?) BAck on topic, would an animage just think about which demon he wanted and create a bond to him? I can see one way that could work, if the animage was a astromaster or spatiomaster, or whatever its called, he could reach into the abyss and form a link with a demon. If this is how it works I can see how the anilords were so feared. So, how would an animage summon a demon and would he need a pentagram?



    Yes, I am looking forward to seeing that. I love a good predicament!


    Yah, I am pretty sure that the orcs/d’orcs will be expecting to go out and start conquering. It will be fun to see how Tom deals with that, since he is just going to want to work on improving things around Mt. Doom and helping the tribes.

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