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    So got email from editor this morning about confirming our schedule (tentatively I said Nov 1, but it could slide (it was Oct 1 originally))

    She was OK, just wanted me to keep her apprised.

    She wrote this morning that she thinks AoD should take her 3-4 weeks in November and she has a possible big job for December, so what was the plan? Could I get it to her in early Novemember?

    So, what I proposed is something I did last time.

    I am going to send her a Beta version the first weekend in November that she can start on, while we continue on with beta.

    We will then send her “updates” to proof later with changes

    My hope though is to not make too many changes to the first half of the book, other than “inserts” and small changes that we can be sure are proofed, before sending her a beta to proof. (i.e. I’d rather not completely rewrite something she’s already proofed if I can avoid it as that ups the cost) Sending her insert sections is no problem.

    This really doesn’t constrain us too much, other than we sort of need to get things wrapped up by the end of November, or do stuff that I can apply to the “edited” version in December.

    But again, we do what has to be done for quality first. I’d just rather not have to push editing back to January because she’s busy in December, assuming we are ready in or before December.


    Trying to do some planning on my end, but when do you plan to have the end scene. Not necessarily the last scene to write, but the ending scene. I plan to a final re-read from bk1, bk2, and then bk3.


    Well, was hoping for Friday, but it may be Sunday or in between.

    There is a lot of dramatic tension happening right now and I’m not getting to the big battles as quickly as I might have thought.

    Beragamos meeting with Orcus (Tommus) is rather more intense/direct than I had anticipated. Meaning, I really hadn’t thought that much about what has to happen when Tom walks into the COL Command Center with a bunch of avatars in it, including one that Orcus knew personally. Tom had another flashback when he saw Beragamos…plus, everyone recognized Edwyrd as Orcus, which is why people keep calling him Orcus which is screwing with his head.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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