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    Well, Christmas has come and go and I wonder: does Astlan has a holiday similar to Christmas? Do they celibrate other holidays and festivals too? I would like to know what festivities Astlanians have and what their dates are and would Tom be able to enjoy of these.


    That’s an interesting question.

    I don’t know about their holidays too much. Antefalken probably does. The big one in Astlan is Festival, or Leap Day and that’s an extra day that is added to the Calendar every 5 years. Everyone celebrates that, huge fairs and carnivals etc.

    Of course Wylan would know about Keeper’s Day and other Oorstemothian Holidays.

    In the Abyss, we celebrate Festivus, of course, but then that’s multi-dimensional, I think most every non-christian celebrates that, it is, after all, for the rest of us. I always enjoy the airing of the grievances the best. It takes me a couple days, but it’s worth it…not sure that anyone in Astlan celebrates it though.

    Lillith always throws a party celebrating the day her ex and his second wife got kicked out of their garden home. There’s bobbing for apples and everyone gets a pet snake.

    Each religion has a set of Holy Days as well. I’m afraid to ask the TunaCan, as the Incubus calls him. He would know all the Etonian holidays.

    Most groups also celebrate seasonal holidays such as the solstice and equinox. But I’ll let the others fill you in on the Astlanian holidays…

    Oh…don’t forget All Hallows Eve…that’s like a solstice, but it’s when the barriers between the planes are at their weakest. I think it’s a big overlap or something. It’s the easiest night to summon demons, or resurrect/reincarnate or just speak with the dead.

    Plus there are usually holidays during the Ropian eclipses and similar events.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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