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    In principle, I can do the references. Certainly on my kindle I can. Not sure if I can with the PC or CloudReader which would be ideal because then I can do that and type in Word at the same time rather than juggling the kindle.

    I should look into this because one can share annotations with other users, and I actually see some bookmarks/highlights that others have done. Not sure how to control this at all. I’d think that would be a nightmare for someone like GRRM with a billion readers….

    But the Murga* error is something huge/great as a report. Things that I can search on are really easy to fix. So telling me that “I found this misspelling in book X” is very useful because I can search on wrong spellings.

    I’m actually going to double check that one in 2, 3 and 4 today. I think 4 should be safe since it doesn’t pop up that often, the place really is a dump and people were quite happy to get out of town, so it’s only referenced as in “if it’s anything better than Murgatroy…”

    The real problem, for me, is that in my mind I conflate it with purgatory and thus get Murgatory for some reason. It was originally a play/conflation with “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” and someone from Murgatroy would be a Murgatroyd…referencing Snagglepuss from Yogi Bear here.



    Reports of errors in current versions of published books



    I’d been spending a lot of time on OOA and COA, as well as a lot of day job time, but am now back to more work on Volume IV.

    As I go through doing new writing and trying to keep continuity straight, I am finding numerous errors and typos still existing in Books 1, 2 and 3.

    Fixing these errors is a huge pain because that means I have to republish them and that’s always a tricky process.

    For example, back in April I did updates/fixes to Book II. When I redid the paperback version, the new versions formatting was different than the previous paperback’s format. This changed the number of pages, shrunk the book by around 10 pages (I think the problem was that even pages all got an extra line per page…and for paperbacks where every chapter should start on an odd page, that can shift a lot of stuff around over time in terms of blank even pages etc.)

    Anyway, that change to size, mean the cover, that had been good for 18 months was suddenly too big, so the republished failed, and I didn’t notice it. My real bad. When I did notice it, it took me about 5 days of tweaking the cover to get it right (you think you have it right, but have to submit and wait 24 hours to get approval, and it kept getting rejected—it/they is VERY picky)

    In the case of e-books, there are also potential issues, like the original problem I had with Book III and the light fonts, and also, existing users don’t automatically get the changes, they have to request the latest version because new versions wipe out notes and highlights.

    So anyway, I don’t want to do updates that often.

    But, there are now getting to be enough that I am going to have to republish at least book iii sometime before the release of book iv and/or the others.

    So, if you have noticed outstanding typos/errors/bugs let me know by replying to this topic.

    There are some obvious typo’s like missing quotes, but also things like saying the bergrisi was attacking the southern wall, when it was attacking the northern wall…etc.




    Hello T-A-G,

    I have a lot of tags on my kindle with typos etc, but it would be a lot of work to post them individually. I am willing to do that though – the big question is, they are usually annotated with a position number from kindle – can u reference the position number to find the exact place in the book?

    In general a lot of times Murgatroy gets changed to Murgatory – not sure which one is the correct one after not having read the book in the last year 🙂

    Pls let me know which way to post the found/perceived errors.

    Cheers Baal

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