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    Ah hah!

    You’ve hit on one of the great under reported mysteries! =d>

    In book 1, Tom is told that dragons are an alien race that when summoned to the Abyss turn into “dragons” like the one Tom evicted/killed.

    However, there are definitely dragons in Astlan/Nysegard etc and since they can be reanimated, they are obviously not demon dragons or D’ragons because you can’t infect a demon with antimus.

    So the dragon that Tom killed is not the same thing/species that the Storm Lords reanimated.

    So what I mean by “under reported” is that, there is something fishy going on there between D’ragons on the Abyss and dragons in Astlan and other worlds and very few people bring it up. Or seem to notice. E.g. Tizzy is obviously aware of mortal dragons (fought the Liches on dragons in book II) and was there after Tom killed a d’ragon. But he’s not said anything on it, so he either knows what’s going on, or is too “Tizzish” to notice/think about it. (But given he knows a lot about the Abyss–my bet is he knows)

    And there is even more going on with dragons and d’ragons that hasn’t been revealed yet. I am not actually sure when it will come up in the main story line, but it should at some point.


    Are Demon Dragons D’Ragons? Or are they D’Dragons? If they are the first then why would there be Zombie Dragons instead of Zombie Ragons? If its the second then why aren’t more people calling them D’Dragons? :-k


    OHH okay makes more since if they are 2 separate beings although odd that they look so similar unless they are like the differences in western dragons and eastern dragons. The D’ragon that Tom killed was defiantly described as a western dragon from old Earth268 the zombie dragons are never really described so they could be eastern styled Dragons


    There are definitely both western and eastern dragons flying around on various planes, and then there are the d’ragons (which presumably could be either western or eastern or….)


    [quote=The Author Guy;7554]There are definitely both western and eastern dragons flying around on various planes, and then there are the d’ragons (which presumably could be either western or eastern or….)[/quote]

    Hey TAG, I believe I wrote something about Far eastern mythology and theology awhile back about Shangdi in reply to Tizzy.

    Like most chinese deities and mythology, much of the modern depiction of them is quite contrary to historical portrayals since the May movements and cultural revolutions.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but just in case since both easterners and westerners are often misguided about what is historical mythology and worship versus modern fantasies.
    But dragons are not mythical creatures equivalents of Western dragons in Chinese mythologies.
    In Chinese lore, they are usually divine. Gods that are capable of conjuring up the apocalypse.

    And unlike modern fantasy depiction where they are found everywhere* akin to Western dragons, there are only a handful of them much like in a pantheon. e.g: The four Dragon Kings with their own courts. (But they don’t always get along. There are quite a few feuds between the gods – unsurprisingly)

    *:Although technically, the Kings are everywhere in terms of administration and jurisdiction of elemental territories. With minor non-deities hanging around.

    They’re not really something you take a ride on as depicted in most modern fantasy portrayals.

    As to their relation with Shangdi, that’s not that clear. It’s very situational. Although Shangdi is definitely the most powerful deity.

    [img=https://www.shenyun.com/data/image/original/2016/07/20/fac9f8fdf66019365db95e4c1edef2bc.jpg?_ga=2.100118167.804420482.1544171214-240727729.1544171214]The Four Kings[/img]

    edit: Now that I think about it. Since you know Singkun, you most know about one of the Four Kings. Naughty fella. You know what reportedly said to have possibly happened between those two. Hah!

    Also, I’m not that clear on Norse mythology, but I think the World Serpent Jörmungandr or Níðhöggr? would be similar-ish? Not sure about the extent of his powers.



    I am back! Been off in the wilds with Rede and just got back and still catching up!

    Yes, Singkun has mentioned the 4 dragon kings, many times…

    Interestingly enough he made a bet with one, can’t remember which now, and won! As his reward he got to ride on the dragon king’s back! So interesting coincidence there. Of course, it so angered the DK that he has been sending assassin’s to try to kill Singkun for the last thousand or so years.

    To be fair, I don’t blame the DK. I mean, who wants a monkey on their back? Pretty sure that’s even a saying or something, somewhere or when.

    Of course, and this is something I don’t share with just anyone, the eastern dragons, like the DK’s that you are discussing would/could be considered D’Ragons since D’Ragons are immortal energy based beings, like Demons and D’Orks and D’Arachnids and such. If they happen to have a god pool on the outer planes then they are also a god. I guess. Personally, in my mind, gods are just narcissistic egomaniacs who crave adoration and happen to be powerful enough to force people to worship and adore them.

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