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    Bat of of hell dosent fit to to me, the image fits with the name of the song but the actually lyrics arent very inspirational. I think i mentioned before that by random chance i was listening to Walk by the Foo Fighters when i read the opening of Nysegard, not very martial, but to me it fits the emotion and the feel of the moment.

    The doomboxes have so much potential for Dooming or D’orcifying metal songs, Id love to see alot more of it. Or even some smart-ass D’orcs playing Crazy Train or Brain Damage when Tom is feeling paramoid about his memories.


    [quote=The Author Guy;5621]I need soviet anthems and marching songs at full power to write battle scenes![/quote]

    Here’s something you might not have run into previously. Back in the sixties and seventies, Soviet Union promoted communism, communist parties and socialist parties in Western Europe, with quite a bit of success. As a part of the effort, SU and the parties promoted communist art, including music. Those songs often had a strong internationalist message.

    [quote]Lenin-setä asuu Venäjällä. Ja sieltä on pitkä matka Vietnamiin. Mutta minusta vain tuntuu, että Lenin-setä asuu yhtä lähellä kuin setä Ho-Chi Minh.

    Leninillä on niin suuri otsa, että siihen mahtuu koko maa ja taivaskin. Ja Lenin-setä hymyilee ja silmät tuikkivat ja hän nauraa niin kuin setä Ho-Chi Minh.

    Lenin-setä asuu Venäjällä. Minä kutsun hänet kylään tänne Vietnamiin. Hän rakastaa meitä. Meille hän on yhtä kultainen kuin setä Ho-Chi Minh.

    Minä olen pikku pioneeri. Ja vähäinen on vielä minun voimani. Mutta pienikin voi taistella, rauhan puolesta kuin Lenin ja setä Ho-Chi Minh. Rauhan puolesta kuin Lenin ja setä Ho-Chi Minh.

    “Uncle Lenin lives in Russia. And from there, it’s a long way to Vietnam. But I just feel, that Uncle Lenin lives as close as uncle Ho-Chi Minh.

    Lenin has such a high forehead, that it can fit the whole earth, and the sky as well. And uncle Lenin smiles, and his eyes twinkle, and he laughs like uncle Ho-Chi Minh.

    Uncle Lenin lives in Russia. And I invite him to visit here in Vietnam. He loves us. To us, he’s as golden as uncle Ho-Chi Minh.

    I am a small pioneer. And lacking still in strength. But even a small one can fight, for peace like Lenin and uncle Ho-Chi Minh. For peace like Lenin and uncle Ho-Chi Minh.”

    Now, this song originated from the co-operation between Viet Minh and the Soviet-driven international (communist expansion organization), but at the time when Europe was largely against the war in Vietnam, it was translated into all the European languages by the local party organizations, and was played widely on TV and radio.



    Really gotta get my sound fixed.

    My 5.1 surround amplifier for my computer blew earlier this week (it was only 16 years old) and I can’t find a replacement that will work that is just the amp, found a spdif splitter but it needed a separate amp. The speakers and subwoofer don’t get very loud directly from sound card, you get about half volume. Hate to buy a new one, I’ve got more extra speakers than I need as it is. So have taken it in to shop, hopefully it’s the analog part and not the digital part. But driving me nuts, I write to music, and do youtube interludes. Right now I’ve got iphone connected to other speakers, but it’s not the same.

    I need soviet anthems and marching songs at full power to write battle scenes!


    Ah, yes, Uncle Lenin. I don’t recall his forehead being quite that big though.

    I visited him in his little house in Red Square when I was in Moscow. Not much of a host, just sort of laid there.

    I would have thought his (at the time, in 1993) recently moved in bourgeois neighbors across the square in GUM would have gotten him ticked off enough to get up and go shout at them to get off his lawn.


    I’ve always enjoyed the Partisans’ Song:

    or the Finnish version:



    I think I know that one. I should get my amp back today, they found some burned out capacitors as I’d expected given the way it died. Fortunately not part of the digital system.

    At one point I would have just tested it and fixed it myself, but I literally no longer have a decent work area setup nor the time between book and work.

    Got the tools, just not the time and space.


    They so needed the doomboxes playing “highway to hell” at Karth’s D’orcing. I can imagine Talarius’ reaction to the song.


    So then, when Tom etal. burst the volcano open as the D’Orcs wing their way into Nysegard, should they be playing “Bat Out of Hell?”


    Or “They’re taking the D’Orcs to Nysegard.”


    Heh, Heh.[smile] I like that, now that they’ve got their lightning cables back. I’m sure Tizzy could get them the music, or recordings to listen to and learn from.

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