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    [quote=Korwin;5531]Copy pasting is still not working.[/quote]
    I recommend using Calibre and the EPUB edition for beta reading purposes.


    my findings


    Copy pasting is still not working.

    page 360:
    “The only links I have are personal links to those People here in the Citadel Hilda said.

    there is an missing “


    Page 403:
    “Hey?” Reggie asked. “Have you seen Tizzy? I haven’t seen him since we dove off the wall to wade in!”

    Isn’t Tizzy now singing?


    [quote=Korwin;5539]Isn’t Tizzy now singing?[/quote]

    Excellent point, even if he wasn’t still singing, they knew he had been singing!


    Fixed with

    “Hey?” Reggie asked. “Is Tizzy going to join us? He’s no longer singing; it’s been all instrumentals for a while now.”
    Boggy paused while a zombie tried gnawing on one of his wings. “I would think so.” Boggy frowned. “Normally he enjoys this sort of thing as much as the next demon! I wonder why he hasn’t shown up?”


    Got the quote mark.

    The no cut, no paste comes from Word replacing fonts as bitmaps. It tries to do that by default, I thought I’d turned that off, but I had to regenerate it several times so must have missed the last one.

    Will recreate PDF and post.


    Oh, there are a lot missing ” in the bk3. Don’t really want to try and find them all. Will your editor handle that?


    I have done another version without bitmapping.

    For some reason, Word will not map the fonts correctly. There are only a couple fonts, and they are all the same, so why some lines look like crap, I don’t know.

    My main PDF program was having trouble with bookmark links, which I think are very useful to have down the side. It however produces something more readable.

    Posting the new version shortly as *_1a.pdf

    Calibre also had the book mark problems, I could probably fix that if I adjusted the detection logic, it’s just time…


    Page 414
    Tom is doing an direct Portal into the Abyss. How? Was the interdiction lifted?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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