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    OK, it’s up.

    The problem was all technical. I spent quite a bit of time screwing with various formats and not being happy.

    I then go to upload and it’s too big to upload (a limit I can change) so had to RDP in and copy over VPN…

    The problem with a secure download, here, would be SSL and that gets awkward with DNN (the site tool that I use) because it uses host headers for multiple DNN sites (astlan.net and a couple other personal ones of mine, like my resume) That means that they all have to be in the same domain for a given IP. All DNN sites share the same IP. I can do *.astlan.net but the problem is that other sites are like *.langland.com so I can’t SSL all of them.

    So…heck if Chinese hackers want to pirate my book…let them…



    It’s a demon trick! 😮

    Well played tizzy…well played.

    I bet it takes some work to set up a secure download so hopefully it’s up tomorrow.


    [size=6][color=red]The following links allow you to download confidential, prepublication material.[/color][/size]
    [b]By downloading the content on this page you agree to the following:[/b]
    Not to share any of these documents or edited versions with anyone that is not in The Heavenly Host Beta program.
    If you have a friend that wants to read the book, have them either join the Beta or wait until after publication and acquire the book via Amazon.com
    You understand this material is not finished and is unpublished the final version may be substantially different.
    As an unfinished work you realize there are going to be errors, mistakes, typos and other issues that the beta program is working to correct.
    Not to review, comment on or share information about the material you read on websites or with non-beta readers prior to publication.
    If you do chose to review or comment the book after publication, please base the review or comments on the finished project.

    [url=http://www.astlan.net/TheBooks/TheHeavenlyHostBeta.aspx]The Heavenly Host[/url]


    Just checking, there are currently no links on that page to download the book, right?


    I recall there being a post of the things you did and did not want from the beta readers. Could you add that as a link to the top post?



    Apparently Tizzy posted the links in White Font!

    No, the links weren’t there. I am about to add the PDF Link

    Still fiddling with other crazy formats in Calibre…it really wants to get device specific. (E.g. screen size/resolution) Can make things look weird in other formats!

    I think I might just have people request a version for a specific devices.

    Will be posting all sorts of notes and thoughts.



    [quote=Iume;2113]I recall there being a post of the things you did and did not want from the beta readers. Could you add that as a link to the top post?[/quote]


    I am happy to take any suggestions you want to make.

    I know there are going to be many typo/grammatical/spelling issues. If you want to note those, great, but after we are done I will be paying an editor to edit this stuff.

    HOWEVER, one thing that beta demons can do that editors can’t is understand the context.

    An editor can technically correct a sentence or paragraph, but they can not correct stylistic/contextual issues with a paragraph.

    A beta demon can. If you feel that you have a better way of phrasing something…submit it. If you think a character wouldn’t say something in a certain way, speak up!

    If something makes no sense (often really wrong word typo) submit it.

    Anything is fair game though. Stuff you don’t like, stuff that is inconsistent, stuff that ruins the story for you. All feedback is good.

    What are the best scenes?
    What characters are flat?/One dimensional and need flushed out?
    What scenes seem fake or unreal?

    What favorite character died a bloody horrible death that infuriated you? Oh wait…this isn’t Game of Thrones…never mind….


    Could you post a non-PDF version? Using calibre to convert to Kindle for my note-taking screws it up quite badly.


    That’s what took me so long to get it online tonight. There are lots of twiddly things.

    What type of Kindle are you using?


    Also which kindle format were you trying? mobi? azw3? azw?


    Kindle for iPad. azw3. Same issue exists on Kindle for Mac.


    Yeah, azw3 is what I was messing with. Ick.

    I have put the epub out there. Had to zip it up because webserver doesn’t like epub extension and I’m betting many browsers/fw will have issues.


    Will there be a second draft?


    Yes. I have been making notes on what people have been saying and trying to come up with a game plan.

    I just haven’t posted anything yet because I’ve been awaiting more for more people to finish and have input.

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