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    Snarg. You are very right.

    Please reply to keep this as an outstanding item for when I get back into editing.

    I’m with family for TG until late Monday and getting “quiet” editing time is difficult.

    I am saving all editing issues until I get back home.


    [quote]For the version of the ritual they had come up with, the anointed one, Karth, needed to be on a different plane from the one to which he was summoned, it could not be the Abyss because that was the third plane in the so called Dimensional Triad.
    Thus Karth, along with the D’Orc shaman Kroth-bitor, Karth’s wife Eldebra, two other orc shamans, Nod Rock Bender and Luga Strength Sapper and Arg-nargoloth had all gone to Ragala-nargoloth’s campsite. They had contacted her yesterday and she had taken her party slightly off course to a nearby henge, which being on a ley line intersection would be helpful in the ascension.[/quote]

    Etterdam (Ragala-Nargoloth’s planet) is another planet in the Astlan, Nysegard, Etterdam etc universe. Thus not an actual third plane of reality, the ‘Dimensional Triad’ is missing a leg.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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