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    Hmm, yes, and the symbology does get even more important in book 2 and I want the books to have consistent overarching covers.

    One of the big issues is that people get caught up in reading too much into symbols, portents and events and start to bring catastrophe on themselves.

    Belief in something can make it real/or come true.


    One style I am talking to an artist about is something along the Myth Adventures line.

    The original ones, not the later ones which I think are too cartoonish I think. But the early less cartoonish/more classical ones seem like a good sort of style.

    Of course, the reverse of the cover is (literally) the blurb. Probably need to rework that for Book 1, and will need to generate one for book ii.

    Several people weren’t thrilled with the current blurb, apparently thinking/fearing the book would be “Game of Cheech and Chongs”


    I would have liked the Tom vs Talarius cover.


    How about the time when Tom, Tizzy, Rupert, Jenn, Gastrope, and Maelen travelled together? There is a lot of characters but it does give the Adventure vibe.

    Also, a scene in the “The Ripe Young Maiden’s Surprise” would also be great. It would be quite humorous and fantastical at the same time.



    Looking forward to seeing it!


    I wonder what awe-inspiring moment will be on this cover?


    Mesh problem


    There is what looks like a mesh glitch on demon tom on your book cover. If you look at his neck you can see that there is an area with the legs mapping on ether side. It also looks like this is part of a humongous horn like thing protruding out the back of his neck into the abyss. It dose not appear to be meant to be part of his wings which is why i decided to let you know about it.


    Thanks for noticing and paying attention! You’ve got a great eye…this is why covers need to be beta previewed as well as beta readers.

    Actually it’s not a mesh glitch, it’s more of a body part posing thing.

    What you are seeing is his wing as it attaches to the collarbone/spine and the trapezius musscles.

    His wing bones are scaley and they merge at that point with his back, depending on how high his wings are posed there is eclipsing of his body and the wings which are separate objects.



    Be careful with the cover. It is the first thing people will see. They say that you should never judge a book by its cover but that is what people do.

    I have some apprehensions about the minimalistic cover design:

    For one, it is such a popular method nowdays that you run the risks of appearing unoriginal. Publishers have expend a great deal of forune to make their covers memorable. Many book covers are work of art.

    Second, such cover design is often appear just so-so, nothing remarkable. In a field of book covers, such minimalistc design would never stand out. The present book cover might not pretty, but it sure did catch my attention when I see it. That demon and ring of fire makes me stop.

    Third, it say nothing of the contents. There apear to be a sort of language in these book covers. By just looking at them, you can tell what is inside the book. (Erotic) Romances has those men showing their muscular abdomen and women showing off their legs sometimes showing the couple in a rather risque situation, or if it was more conservative, just the couple smilling happily. Children books are colorful and filled with cartoony or fun images. Dark fantasy is all grungy and dirty and dark, and often has barbarian looking guys in it. These are mostly because of people’s expectations but the point is still there, the cover speak for themselves.

    One thing I want to be presented in the book cover is the humour. It is one of the greatest aspect of the book. If not that, then the fantasy.


    I really don’t like to offend you but it really show in your work that it just takes a half hour to do. You don’t want to send that message to prospective readers.


    Hmmm. I have been putting my work on hold because I want to see what Tom the demon looks in the new cover. I should have not been waiting isn’t it? It is also an excuse for being inadequate artit. LOL.

    Really need more practice.


    If you redo the cover go with something simple. Maybe a stylized ram’s/steer’s horn leading into the barest hint of the top corner of a demon skull, on a black background. Hint more than anything. Fantasy folk tend to want to create whole narratives on covers, but that is simply bad design, bad aestetics.


    That is something I was seriously thinking about, and may still do.

    One thing that people have said that the current cover does do well is “stick out” in the Kindle Store, of course on closer inspection, they may run away but it does get attention.

    But, I also hate too busy of a cover and so many other things, a simple cover has a lot appeal. Demon head, pentagram, maybe flames? Horns? Or maybe a giant hoof ascending off the page?


    Something like this maybe (which isn’t very good, but it took me all of a half hour to do)



    Well my sister is really into art and photography so I asked her to draw a demon head or maybe a whole demon that resembles Tom and I will send it up when she finishes. All she would want if you decide to change the cover to hers would be credit for the artwork, it would be the first book cover she would have done and if you guys like it and want her to do the new book or whatever you could talk to her about fees or whatnot. I think she just wants to see if she can do one to start with lol.



    Sounds awesome, you must go far beyond drawing though for it to be used as a book cover.


    Well, the artist who T-A-G is currently talking with just got back from vacation, so T-A-G is emailing him tonight/tomorrow to start discussions. So it may be a while.

    The trick is in trying to balance the humor without looking too silly, T-A-G doesn’t want to look too much like Myth Adventures, Myth Conceptions etc.

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