Could Ruiden be ‘demonized’?

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    Thrinarv mentioned that Talarius would probably make a good candidate for demonization. So, I am wondering, would Ruiden also get ‘descended’?
    While Ruiden was ‘born’ in the abyss, he doesn’t seem to be a demon himself. It therefore seems that it might be possible to somehow demonize him as-well.


    Yeah, I am sure that would horrify him.

    Think about being an intelligent (mostly) inanimate object for thousands of years?

    However, the stuff that was cut from Book 2, to be moved to Seas of Astlan has a character that is a wizard and a crown, that is worn by either his apprentice or a golem. Not to be confused with Marcus, who appeared to be a talking box to Asmeth on his ship. He is just someone who stupidly wished for immortality and got it. Currently, all that is left of him is head. Earrings of Regeneration work much more slowly than rings of regeneration, unfortunately for him.


    Well…that’s a very interesting question that I had not considered. He is already immortal of course.

    Ruiden is an intelligent magic item. That means he is a spirit bound to a magical item along with an anima jar and mana pool.

    I will have to check to see if I have posted the rules on how you make intelligent items…side note.

    So in principle, his spirit could be demonized; it would be a very different sort of ritual and would require “breaking him” to free his soul.

    Probably take quite a bit more research on Volund’s part.


    If Talarius isn’t ready to become Mount Doom’s first blackjack dealer after his nervous breakdown, perhaps he’d enjoy being fashioned into a magical superweapon like his buddy?

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