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    The Inferno has a whole bunch of different hiding spells built into it.

    These are separate spells to mask different things. Getting them all coordinated and working together is quite complicated.

    Normal “rings” or “Cloaks” can typically only block one or two things, maybe 3. For one thing you can’t get enough runes on a ring to do it all.

    Some things you have to deal with.

    Pass through/distortion of reflected and refracted light of all frequencies (including micro waves, radio waves, etc) body heat, animus, mana, aetherial presence etc.


    It has been demonstrated, and made note of in various places, that cloaks of invisibility don’t seem to work that well (Exador’s demon army)(various avatars of tiernon).

    This brings me to a question:
    [quote]“What are these Cloaking Shields?” Barabus asked.
    Halferth looked over to him and replied. “Even as we have magical defenses, shields, against damage we also have Sorcerous Shields that hide us from detection, that make us invisible to most detection mechanism.”[/quote]
    Are the Oorsemoothians deluding themselves about their cloaking magic or do they have some type of super advanced cloaks that actually work against demon sight etc?
    It seems unlikely that their cloaks actually work since I remember that Talarius was able to detect their cloaking magic even when it was no longer even there in ITA.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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