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    You seem so obssesed with the Incubus. It gives you some favor or something?


    Well, I think you are obsessed. You can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Do you envy him somehow?


    I like back stories in very small amounts becuase a character’s behaviour and thought process often reveal much of their past.

    Many books I have read have back stories that are too obstructive. There are even books out there that are mostly backstories and very little actual story. I also quite suspect that backstories are used by many books to cover up the lack of actual story/plot of their book.

    Still it might be interesting to know some adventures the characters have in the past.


    Well, in the next part of the arc, the Incubus will “Bring Sexy Back”


    Development Of Characters


    Hi, I’ve been on the forum a while now and i just wanted to post a question.

    Are there going to be a few novels devoted to developing character back story, Like how Tizzy and Boggy met, How Rupert joined the School, Or is it just going to be mentioned in the main book series?


    Thanks for the reply, I know i would love to read some of the short stories, And if you did publish them having several in one book would probably work best since there would be more to read.=p~


    I think that depends on the character and circumstance.

    I know there will be “short” stories about some of them. And by “short” I mean novelette. Not sure I can write in less than 200 pages.

    But I’m thinking of doing short stories for several, and not sure if those will be in an anthology or just free on the web/this site.

    Right now, thinking free on this site, and then collected for people who want a “volume/book” and charging a minimal price for the anthology, they could otherwise read for free here at this site.

    comments/thoughts/recommendations welcome…




    Catgirl’s back story, I can promise is coming big time…in book 2 even….

    I am seriously thinking about a prequel with the retrieval of the book. Lenamare’s henchmen will be showing up in the not to distant future…so their original adventure is something of interest to me. It’s very unusual fantasy story, if you haven’t guessed (powerful wizard hires a party of adventurers to get magic artifact for him–I am sure none of you have ever encountered this plot line)–the big trick is that it takes place in Oorstemoth so the dialog is a bit taxing to write…

    Antefalken’s backstory is very very long (as is Exador’s) I am thinking those two are a whole bunch of adventures spanning across a few thousand years.

    Lenamare is human, so his back story is easier in that it only spans decades…


    Antefalken, Exador and Lenamare. I am especially curious about the whole theft of the book thing. Sounds like an interesting story…


    I agree, there is a lot to be said for allowing the first impression of a character to stick as the record.

    Which is why I am thinking more short story back stories. And maybe not so much biography as “incidents in the life of” which is particularly interesting and relevant for people who’ve been around for a long time.

    There are actually authors who manage to write a book with a character and then go back and write origin stories and pull it off. Michael Moorcock and Marion Zimmer Bradley come to mind.

    Speaking of MZB, I will once again bring up my recommendation for her brother’s work: PEZ Paul Edwin Zimmer (now deceased) who wrote the Dark Border series. If you want to see the blue print for A Song of Ice and Fire, that’s it (although the pre blue print goes back to JRRT and before that Thomas Mallory I supposed and then Beowulf).


    :-k Out of curiosity is their any characters back story that anybody is most interested, either as a whole or a single aspect of their background. I really want to know whom you others want to know more about?


    Baby’s got Back (story)?

    I like big narrative arcs and I cannot lie.


    I would like to bring up questioning were Tizzy’s weed and pipe. I really want to know where he got them, how he manages his supply, and where he keeps them. It might not be as bad as I think it is.

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