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    so… in the latest beta Stainsberry was added to some scenes and for the most part i think its a good addition, but occasionally he takes away from some of what talarius had in htose scenes.

    for instance in 146 there is a segment,

    “Who are these – uhm – gentlemen?” Talarius said

    was changed to

    “Who are these – uhm – gentlemen?” Stainsberry said

    this was a lot better as Talarius’ line, for me it really showed that he had stopped thinking of demons as [i]’Demons'[/i] as he struggled to use the term [i]gentlemen[/i], it represents an important fundamental change for the character as these are specifically Demons not D’Orcs but full Demons and he is seeing them more as people now not [i]Evil[/i].

    When the line is changed for stainsberry, it sounds like he’s having trouble saying something he already knows, Demons are not always [i]Demons[/i]. also the phrasing just seems odd for stainsberry.



    That makes sense.

    Will revert the source of the statement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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