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    How to edit your profile



    OK, ran across a confusing point. The forum is a module of the main site that inherits user settings from the main site, but also has some settings of it’s own.

    In order to modify your user profile, and for example upload an Avatar you need to edit your “Site” profile.

    To do this, go to the “top most menu” underneath “The Council of Wizardry Welcomes You To Astlan”

    There you see: “Home|The Books|COW Tumblr|Facebook|GoodReads|Logout|

    Click on on the far right…this brings up your Activity Feed that shows all your activity and social interactions.
    From there you will see an edit profile button.

    Clicking on that will allow you to upload an avatar and add any personal information.

    Hollar in this forum if you have questions.



    Out of curiosity what does our forum rank and reputation do? I noticed myself and Korwin are members whilst everybody else is a newbie, so if at all possible could you explain what that means?
    [i][size=7]o:) Pleaseo:) [/size][/i]


    It is a designation of where you rank in the new demon army I am creating with my payment from the author.

    I plan on invading Tiernon’s home plane and you guys are going to be my [strike]pawns[/strike] [u][b]Storm Troopers.[/b][/u]


    More seriously, Ranks are based on the number of posts you’ve made.

    Reputation: “should be” a user voted reputation of the poster’s helpfulness/correctness/accuracy. It’s more often used for technical discussion forums and such. However, I will be using it to alert people to the opinions of any Astlanian wizards so that people know that they can’t be trusted.


    Thanks this has been useful!



    I’m a full service demon.

    Information, torture, cookies, whatever you need, I got it!


    I wonder if there is a way to devise a form of torture cookie…..


    I am pretty sure there are some elves that know how to do that.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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