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    Yeah, I know!

    these guys are great! I love betademons! However, I’ve put money down, I’m sure she’ll find things, particularly because there may be a lot of rewrite stuff that the in depth people may not have the time to get back to do a pass on.

    From book 1, most of my “errors” of that sort came from late additions. First pass stuff I had read so many times, and some friends had that the old stuff was solid, until I went and rewrote it….

    I’ve also encountered this program [url=]ProWritingAid[/url] It’s $35/year. It has a Word plug in and will go through and analyze stuff far beyond what MS does with Grammar etc. And it explains why, rather than just “comma use”

    It’s a bit slow if you make too big a chunk to analyze so you need to do small batches, but it’s perfect for me on a per scene basis.


    honestly with the depth some are going into for the corrections they’re sending you I don’t really know if you will actually need an editor at all, I assume that you are already contracted or something with her so you probably have to send this one in, but it might be an option for book three to just use your handy dandy beta demons, particularly if you are able to get a prototype BetaDemons Anonymous program out to streamline how recommended changes are sent in.



    OK, so talked to editor and she is able to slide back her time/readjust her schedule.

    This is good because there are enough issues that we will need more time to address them to get things tightened up.

    Of course this means a delay in publication for non-beta demons, but I’m more interested in getting it right (or as right as possible) than soon.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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