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    Stainsberry and Thrinav are in the middle of a fight, on the ground, surrounded by enemies, and they have a discourse on the nature of reality??

    In this case the resistance of the meteor, with all its momentum had dragged [color=red]he[/color] and Mufasa down to the ground with itself.

    he –> him

    “Well met Stainsberry! Great fun is [color=red]a foot[/color]!” The dwarf chuckled.

    a foot –> afoot

    “His mount’s wide eyed expression of surprise caused him to turn his own head to see what was coming at them.”

    If he is seated on its back, and given the presumed anatomy of a winged lion, how did he see it’s expression of surprise?

    “Non-animus imbued objects”… do you mean “objects lacking animus” or “animus-less”? How is something “imbued” with a non-animus? What is non-animus?

    More head shaking? Tsk.


    Yeah, it’s supposed to be a bit surreal, may need to clean this up…there was a huge impact squashing stuff and clearing the immediate field.

    They are talking while Thrinarv is healing–>note that Mufasa is standing guard while Stainsberry is having this conversation.

    Mufasa twists and turns to look over his (Mufasa’s shoulder) will clean this up a bit more to be more believable.

    Will change the non-animus stuff to simply “non-living”


    [quote][color=blue]Field of Zombies, Stainsberry

    Mufasa twisted to the left and downward, allowing Stainsberry’s sword to strike the vampire man-bat in its right deltoid, causing it to shriek in agony—forcing Stainsberry to wince in pain at the sound—and interrupt its flight sending it back towards the ground. Those half-bat-half-vampire things were a pain to deal with; fortunately, there were not that many of them.

    A loud whistling sound came from above them even as Mufasa began twisting both his neck and entire body to see what the noise was. Stainsberry noted an expression of extreme surprise on what he could see of his mount’s profile, causing him to painfully twist his own own helmeted head, struggling to see what was coming at them. He blinked, there was a giant flaming rock about ten feet away heading directly at him.

    The world suddenly went fuzzy as Mufasa shifted them to the aethereal realm just as the meteor impacted the two companions. Stainsberry’s virtual breath was knocked out of him as he and his mount were dragged by the meteor’s aethereal momentum towards the ground. He felt the tingling sensation as his aethereal form passed through the meteor’s core to emerge from the other side on top of the crater on the ground below.

    Non-living objects had no physical presence on the aethereal realms, but they did present resistance. This was why one could walk upon the ground, or the water in the aethereal realm; however, one could, with force of will, pass through these objects—typically walls and doors. In this case the resistance of the meteor, with all its momentum had dragged he and Mufasa down to the ground with itself. Being immaterial they had both passed through the meteor as it impacted with the ground and its resistance.

    Of course, since both he and Mufasa were animus beings, they were solid to each other and ended up getting tangled up in each other’s limbs and Stainsberry ended up being unseated, which in turn, returned him to the physical realm, even as dirt and body parts began raining down on them from the explosive impact. Mufasa quickly followed; the two found themselves sitting in a very large crater in a pile of meteor and undead debris. The meteor’s impact had cleared a roughly circular region of the battlefield in twenty-foot plus diameter.

    A loud yowling came from his left where a D’Warg with crushed rear legs wailed in pain. Apparently, the meteor had crashed into a battle between D’Wargs and vampyrs. He guessed vampyrs given the large number of broken teeth in the area. He cracked open his visor to get more air, even as he noted a few mangled vampyrs struggling to rise. It was doubtful they would be much of a threat unless one stepped directly in one’s mouth.

    “Here lad, I’ve got you!” A familiar voice came from behind him. Stainsberry got to his feet to see Thrinarv kneeling beside the injured D’Warg. “Nasty injury! I know you’ll regenerate, but let me speed it along.” The priest said.

    “Thrinarv! Well met!” Stainsberry exclaimed, pleased to see his friend.

    The priest looked up from the D’Warg upon whose hands were placed for healing. “Well met Stainsberry! Great fun is afoot!” The dwarf chuckled.
    “So, you are with the D’Wargs?” Stainsberry asked.

    “I am moving around throughout the battle to wherever I can be of assistance with my healing or other services.” Thrinarv nodded, “And of course, a good bit of skull bashing!”

    Stainsberry shook his head. “I bet the priests of the Five are jealous that you are completely unfettered in your priestly duties!”

    Mufasa snarled and suddenly a vampyr behind him screamed in pain as the lion disemboweled him. Stainsberry gave his companion a thumbs-up for guarding his back. He noted that Thrinarv had a holy aura surrounding himself and his patient that seemed to keep the Unlife at bay.

    “It is mighty convenient to have one’s god sitting on the same planet just a thousand or two leagues away. Much closer than the Outer Planes—or the lower ones, for that matter.” Thrinarv agreed.

    The dwarf suddenly frowned. “The two of you survived crushing by shifting to the aethereal?”

    Stainsberry nodded. “Mufasa was thinking fast! If it had been up to me we’d both be on the other side of that meteor.” He pointed to the ground below them.
    “So, the interdiction does not apply to the aethereal realm.” Thrinarv noted, standing up; his patient fully healed and read to munch more vampyrs.

    Stainsberry blinked in thought. “Well, that is fortunate.” He frowned, “however, I am not sure that is unexpected. The aethereal realms are very tightly bound to their corresponding material realm. That’s why we tend to refer to them as realms rather than planes. I know most wizards are sloppy in their terminology and talk about the aethereal plane; however, there is no single aethereal plane. Every material plane has its own aether, and you can’t travel to other material planes via one. You can, however, travel between planets. Slow going, but it does avoid the problem with vacuums.”

    Thrinarv grinned, “You know you are preaching to the choir. We do study this in our seminary.” The priest told him. Another vampyr screeched in pain as Mufasa dispatched it.

    “I said wizards get it wrong! Not priests. Please note, I am taking my own colleagues to task!” Stainsberry grinned at the priest before pulling his visor down, preparing to return to battle.

    “To victory!” Thrinarv shouted as Stainsberry moved to remount Mufasa.

    “To victory my friend!” The knight magus returned.[/color][/quote]


    OH…and small teaser from Book IV

    Grob, Stainsberry and Talarius discussing the Abyssscape in Grob’s front yard.

    [color=blue]“Do we have any idea of how long this piece of—the Abyss—is going to stay here?” Vicar General Grob Darkness Slayer asked Sir Stainsberry, Knight Magus of the El Ohîm who, along with Sir Talarius was staring at the very large circular region of extremely hot red desert that occupied the space that had once been a a grassy field with a small ruined village and the short term encampment of a hundred thousand plus Unlife; the remains of a quarter million undead army.

    “To be honest, I’ve never used the spell.” Sir Stainsberry replied. “I have read about it, of course, but everything I know is theoretical.”

    “Is it going to flip back?” Talarius asked.

    “It should, either when the person who cast the spell releases the region, or flips to a new region. At either point, we should get your very badly used field back.” Stainsberry told Grob who simply grimaced, his armor’s high collar making it hard for him to shake his head in dismay.


    You might want to try “inanimate objects” instead of “non-living objects”…

    my first thought when I read the term “non-living” was undead…..which could be problematic considering one side of the battle is essential against the undead of various forms


    Excellent thought.

    Inanimate literally contains the root for animus so that is perfect!

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