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    No idea what was up with the twos. Thanks!

    The earlier typos are ones that are in chapters that I am thinking are going to stay “at the editor” so I will move this to the after editor to do list for the other errors; i.e. check she got them.

    I plan to just send the last/updated/newer chapters to her to do a sort of replace to end; since she works sequentially, mostly and I have no idea where she is at right now.


    ~113.3[quote]However, both Völund were off plane at the time,…[/quote]
    Since I dont think that there are two Völunds.
    Völund and me?

    ~113.4[quote]”Not until they are the DoomNet. At that point the main table,”[/quote]
    [b]on[/b] the DoomNet.


    Two of him? That would quite the conversation…not!




    [quote]Boggy frowned; this was very clearly frown Talarius thought[/quote]

    Should be an “a” between clearly and frown.


    [quote]If he had to guess, all three were fiends like Tizzy.[/quote]

    Only two other demons came through with Tizzy so that should be “both were fiends like Tizzy.”


    [quote]”He is my hostage.” [i]Something true![/i] [h]He will not harm you, nor will you harm him. He is part of my strategy[/h]. He glanced at Talarius,[/quote]

    The highlighted portion should be in quotation marks since Tom is talking to the D’Orcs.


    [quote]”[h]Two[/h] what do we owe this honor?”[/quote]

    Should be “To what do we owe this honor?”


    [quote]”[h]Two[/h] victory!”[/quote]

    Should be “To victory!”


    Saw this thread and thought it would be ok to post the notes I have all at once like above. If you still want them in seperate threads let me know. I have checked to make sure none of mine are duplicates to other peoples notes, but may have missed some.

    (87.2B) “We need [h]to [/h] all the expertise we can get…” Take out the ‘to’

    (83.8) “He is a threat to [h]use[/h]. The anilords were a threat to us…” Threat to us?

    (86.6) “It [h]was [/h]definitely [h]was [/h]embarrassing for the poor incubus…” Remove one of the ‘was’, it seems to work either way.

    (92.24) “Every moment I sit here listening to these demons [h]was [/h]pure torture” Talarius thought to himself”
    Correction to ‘is pure torture’?

    “Really hot fire can in theory damage [h]liches them [/h]but their intense coldness acts like very good armor…” Either ‘damage them’ or ‘damage liches’ and remove the them.

    “Peter ignored [h]the lightning[/h] laughed, as did Penelope…” and laughed.

    (97.0) “Our problem has been that just [h]having experienced[/h] priest, pretending…” change to ‘an experienced priest’?

    (97.1) “Well it will not [h]be problem[/h] for a D’Orc hunting party…” be a problem.

    (97.2) “He certainly did not want to go as far as he had [h]with rod[/h] of Tommus.” with the rod of Tommus.

    (98.5) “An archdemon has free reign over multiple planes and thousands of [h]year[/h]…” change to years.

    (98.7) “It appeared that numerous branches had [h]started show[/h] signs of overzealousness in the pursuit of justice and righteousness.” Either ‘had started to show’ or ‘had started showing’.

    (99.0) “Randolf shook [h]his at[/h] the very odd title.” Shook his head?

    (99.3) “… upon which Exador, Ramses the Damned, [h]and woman[/h] with an unknown woman were all having…” to ‘and an unknown woman…’?

    (100.3) “Not all [h]of allies[/h] have been completely reliable.” Our allies?

    (102.3) “I have to get back to [h]open gate[/h] for the next hunting party…” Open a gate.

    (105.0) “so” [h]Tom “[/h] We want to…” Tom said?

    (110.2) “Interesting” Antefalken mused. “[h]There[/h] is all way before my time…” ‘This ia all…’

    (110.3) “She is in the bottle? So Tamarin is a girl. Why did you keep calling her an it?”

    Tizzy had been calling the Djinn ‘hir’ previously, not it, he called the golem an it, but then switched to hir when speaking of the Djinn. Im guessing hir is a between form or ‘her’ and ‘him’, but sounded out sounds like her. So would Tom really be surprised at the Djinn being a girl? Maybe replace the hir with it, so the Djinn isnt referenced to a gender until the link is formed.

    (110.4) “He hoped that they were just rusty with their instruments and were not actually [h]try[/h] to get such an extreme hard-core industrial sound.” trying

    Entropy doesn’t seem to be the right word, as I understand it entropy is actually the cooling and lessening of energy in the universe over time, and is also called the ‘heat death’ of the universe. Tom weakennig them by draining energy (fire), and all the other wording, implies a stirring up and agitation of energy, not its dying off.



    Will fix the 10X+ ones now and put the lower level ones in the to check when back from editor topic.

    At this point, the big posts of errors are actually a bit easier for me. The per topic one is better for posters looking for duplicates etc. But at this point the stream is low enough that I prefer the big burst.

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