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    Crap, this has moved faster than I thought. I have been busy lately and hadnt had a chance to finish reading or post anything, now I come in with my Beta 2 notes to find a 4.

    Sorry about that, I should be able to post comments while they are still relevant now that things have slowed down 😛


    Discussion of Beta 4



    I expect Beta 4 to appear next week.

    I have started writing it but there is a lot of setup and planning for me to do to keep it tight, yet satisfying.

    I will have some cleanup of Beta 3’s revamped chapters and then continue on with the KofC Battle.

    I’ve decided to just not discuss the happenings with Hilda/Jenn, Gastrope’ and the rest until Book 3.

    So the last chapter(s) will focus on the crew at Mount Doom only. There will probably be some beta 3 chapter revisions for more Lillith/Sentir/Aodh discussion. It will also open the next chapter in the Ruiden saga and hopefully explain more of where his journey/quest comes into play. As I’ve said, there is more to him than just questioning people about Talarius and Tom.

    One nice thing is that this section will start formally tying out where the Nyjyr Ennnead fit in terms of taking sides (of course, it was clear they were not going to side with Tiernon but…)



    No prob.

    Beta 3 and 4 really only change the last 4 or so chapters. I think there is an insertion in 106 and then 109.x to the end.

    Check the notes. At the moment Beta 4 takes off from the almost end of beta 3. I move the Tizzy scene to very end again, but insert the KofC Battle discussed in B3. B3 removes the B2 non-battle, so all the whiny demons from Doom’s Redoubt, add in the USSR anthem and then “crap we are under big/huge attack” B4 is the big huge attack.


    Beta 4 is now released….

    I am very happy with it. Happier than previous editions, certainly. I hope you guys will be too. You get your battle! I had fun with it.

    So…at this point, I recommend considering this a “redo” of beta 3.


    Assuming you’ve read Beta 2; follow the instructions for Beta 3! [color=red][b][or just read below][/b][/color]

    If you’ve read Beta 3, read the instructions for Beta 3! [color=red][b][or just read below][/b][/color]

    Meaning 106.65 is new from Beta 2; but was in Beta 3. You do not however need it for Beta 4; but it will come up in Book 3.

    If you’ve read Beta 2; Captain Asmeth and friends are now gone from Book 2. No need to reread something that is not there anymore. They are just gone. Swallowed by a CoD! {Not true—don’t panic fans of Asmeth!} Just relocated to book 3.

    Start at Chapter 109 and read until the end (or the part where it says DoA will continue in….)

    The book is now longer. There are 115 chapters now. With the Asmeth stuff gone, it got shorter, but is now still longer than it was with Asmeth by about 10,000 words.

    You can get it from the same link as [url=]before.[/url]

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